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Where was West?


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As we all know, taking photos of great cars at the Fall Meet at Hershey has always been a difficult task, regardless of which field or lot the show was held. In recent years, I've enjoyed shooting alongside West as he photographed some of the more interesting cars under the trees at the far corner of the current show field. However, I didn't see him there this year. Was he shooting elsewhere, or did he (gasp!) miss the meet this year?

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They didn't move my spot, that would be rather difficult. laugh.gif They used the spot for the HPOF Class. I was not set up this year to take photos of a line-up of cars due to no other suitable (in my opinion) location on the field.

I was able to pull a few cars off the field to a remote location... however, because of how crowded it was, that was a very, very slow process. I don't know what the future holds for an "official photography" spot, but I'll continue to try and locate one. I'm hoping to get back to the old location. That was ideal.

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