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Just this week, I bought two issues of <span style="text-decoration: underline">Cars and Parts </span> Magazine that had parts II and III of a three-part series about Peerless. I invested $7.00 in this and the articles are quite good. The author was Menno Duerksen and these issues were July and August, 1975.

Part II was almost entirely about the V-8 Peerless ( 1916-1928 ); and part III was mostly about the 1924-1932 period, minus much V-8 info. Part III had pretty good detail about the approximately seven engines in use then, and shed some light on exactly when the model changes were. 25Peerless72 might be interested to read what it says about when Peerless changed designations from 6-70 to 6-72 and when they adopted new radiator shell and hood designs on those models, which was new information to me.

I wasn't able to get the first magazine in the series, but it would have talked about 1900 to 1915, I'm sure. Part II <span style="font-style: italic">did</span> discuss not only the evolution of the V-8, but how there were problems with some of the big motors in use in 1912-1914. Peerless sixes at that time sported displacements of 414, 578 and 825 cubic inches. It was hard to cool an engine with a 5-inch-diameter piston...and rpm's were limited.

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Thank you, but The Green Dragon sent me a copy of the June, 1975 article I was talking about in the 1st post quite a while ago. I should have mentioned it on this thread earlier. Cars & Parts did other stories which I've never seen, however.

Sometimes I read references to articles that sound interesting, but I've never read. I was reading an excerpt of an article about Frank Hershey online once in which he said a SECOND V-16 was completed by Walter Murphy coachbuilders in '31. That would create an uproar if someone found that, don't you think? Might be the first Peerless to sell for over a million at an auction, if it still existed. It supposedly was a Blind Rear Quarter Sedan.

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The November, 1983 <span style="text-decoration: underline">Cars & Parts</span> had an article called "Peerless: One of the Grand Masters".


I have not seen this article-I found a lot of 1983 on ebay and it lists it as a multi-part series. Have you seen all of them? Do you believe the article is as good as the Duerksen series?

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In the NOV/DEC 2009 Antique Automobile , p. 43, there's a really nice photo of a Peerless in the story about the Western Divisional Tour March 15-18. The picture is by Wayne Burgess, and the locale is a restoration shop near Murphys, California. The Peerless is a 1913 Town Car of enormous proportions {you should see how tiny the two people look next to the car}. The tour was held by the AACA Mother Lode Region near Sonora, California.

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