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  1. Would love to see the pics! Will be calling there today~ Kim Bohannon
  2. Norwich NY Car Show this weekend!
  3. Great Pictures Jeff! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  4. Thanks for replying! For the $5 cost of photocopying, I'd say it's worth having in our building "Peerless Library" Kim
  5. 1925 Peerless Model 6070 4 Door Touring Car
  6. Jeff: I have not seen this article-I found a lot of 1983 on ebay and it lists it as a multi-part series. Have you seen all of them? Do you believe the article is as good as the Duerksen series?
  7. Hello Jeff: I have a copy of Part 1 that I will send to you with your packet on Monday- Kim
  8. jbohan

    Peerless for Sale

    I had thought it was. And I believe before Tom Laferriere it was from the auction in Norwich. It is a beautiful car-
  9. Just found this- 1929 Peerless CLASSIC ANTIQUE Good condition MUST GO! BEST OFFER - Toronto Collector Cars For Sale - Kijiji Toronto
  10. thanks for the update! We will check it out now.
  11. Thanks for replying! I have sent you an email. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
  12. Yes, we are researching Peerless Autos with the intent of eventually purchasing one.
  13. Hello Thanks for responding. Yes, it is Dexter Dotson's collection I am referring to. I am interested in general information regarding the collection-how many cars, model #'s, if any pictures survive of the collection, how/when/where was the collection dispersed,where the cars are now, how Mr. Dotson began his collection, why he chose Peerless, etc. Thanks for any information you may have in advance! Kim
  14. Hello: Anyone have any information on Mr. Dotson's and Mr. Stelford's Peerless collections? thanks in advance Kim