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Vacuum Actuator

Guest ejc65

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Any body have any dealings with OLD AIR PRODUCTS I need to replace both my vacuum actuators, they cracked on the plastic side. Any other recomendations for this part I saw some 66 style that are all metal would these work? Are they both dual action diaphram because both of mine have dual ports, or was this done by previous owner? Some one told me that the lower one was a single port style????? Any help would be appriciated

heres a link of what OLD AIR has for sale OLD AIR LINK

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This is a thread from a post from 5/08 in which 'JohnRex' tells of his experience with the Old Air Products Suction Valve replacement. The title of the thread is "Firewall Discoveries"

<span style="font-style: italic"> Your AC has been updated using an Old Air Products kit (50-2500P). This kit modifies the Suction Throttle Valve) STV and adds a control relay that cycles your AC compressor as the temperature varies in the input to your evaporator. The function of your old STV is eliminated.

I installed the same kit three years ago and am totally happy with the AC operation. Your evaporator will never freeze up and you should get a little better mileage.

For more information, contact:

Old Air Products

8744 Forum Way

Fort Worth, Texas



www.oldairproducts.com </span>

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The suction valve in the earlier post is not the actuator asked about.

The OAP vacuum actuator worked on my '63 on the firewall with no modifications. It did not work under the blower motor (the recirc door) right out of the box. I had to plug one of my vacuum lines running down there and use a small T-fitting to apply the vacuum from the other line to both ports at the same time in order to get the flapper to work properly.

I sorted it all out with a small handheld vacuum pump, some T-fittings and lengths of vacuum hose. Easier to work on under the car there without the engine running just to give you vacuum. You can see the position of the flapper with the fan motor removed.

Your '64 may be different from the '63, so YMMV and you may need to do something different to make it work.

But to answer your original question, yes the vacuum actuators sold by OAP are good. Dual port is original on the firewall. I don't know (for '64) if it was original under the fan motor. ('63 had 2 stacked diaphragms).

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