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Barney Eaton

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Barney I have seen this car about a year ago and at that time it had 12 miles on it. A large Buick dealer had it in storage along with about 100 other cars, these other cars were auction off last year but not the Reatta. I was in contact with the owners and asked if it was for sale. The owner told me that it was to be given to a grand son for a graduation gift I left my name if they decided to change there mind about selling it.I beleve that I gave you the vin # on the car. The car was in perfict condition sticker in the window plastic covers over the seats ect.

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That sounds like the car.

If you or anyone else is interested, send me your email and/or phone number and I will pass it on to the owner.

I do not want to post his information....let him do the contacting.

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