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Wanted 65 Riv windshield washer reservoir


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Guest Riviera66

Well, there's a reproduction out there that fits, yes... but.

The reservoir that is sold as being correct for '63 to '70 is a compromise. There were actually at least 3 distinct varieties of reservoirs used during those years...and a 4th generic style that GM sold later as a replacement for them (generic has only 2 screw holes to mount, not 3). The styles differ in the amount of 'cut away' that was increased to give more room for dual reservoir master cylinders in '67 etc. The '63 to '66 style has no such notching in. So, get a repro...but watch for a nice original...for show cars there's still nothing better than an original one.

Darwin Falk

1966-70 ROA Technical Advisor

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