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  1. Here ya go: https://www.sandersreproglass.com/orderonline.php CAR INFORMATION Buick - 1965 HARDTOP COUPE 2 Door - Series 63-4747, 64-4747, 65-49447 Riviera Parts FLAT GLASS PARTS Each Qty Total Vent Front Door (Flat Glass) 8" x 14" Material: Tempered 1/4" Solex (Light Green) Edgework: Pencil Grind Script Type: No Logo $37.83 2 $75.66 Front Door (4 holes) (Flat Glass) 18" x 32" Material: Tempered 1/4" Solex (Light Green) Edge
  2. No, it's not a direct fit. The best way to do the conversion is to use a '65 front clip; however, that requires inner fenders, fenders, clamshell assemblies, headlight arms, headlight motor with bracket, wiring harness, various relays, grill, upper and lower bumpers (No, '63/'64 bumpers will not work with a '65), and splash pan. It's a bolt-on and the parts should be readily available for those inclined to tackle this task. I think it's easier just to buy a '65, no?
  3. A worthy project. Please register your car with the '65 Riviera Gran Sport Registry. See info in my signature.
  4. I considered black, with black cloth, with a vinyl top, but the Turquoise Mist kept calling me. Another favorite of mine is Seafoam Green over green cloth. . . . perhaps my next Riviera if I can ever finish the one that I have.
  5. For '63, I think any color with that silver leather is the best. I don't know if the cloth was available in '63, but for '65, the cloth/vinyl interiors make me foam at the mouth. I've ripped my car apart to change from black vinyl to black cloth. It's more money but well worth it.
  6. Go to Color Chip Selection. Rose Mist over silver leather. I've never seen it, but if I had a '63, that's one combo that I'd consider. My '65 was painted burgundy mist and once it was painted, I hated it. Today car is in pieces as I transform it to Turquoise Mist over black cloth with a black vinyl top.
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