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NKG Spark Plugs


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Anybody tried the NKG TR55GP plugs? Rec'd a set when I bought the Silver/Blue. Put them in today, seems to idle and drive a bit smoother. It had a set of Bosch #4304 in it. Was idling a bit rough. Will see if any improvement on next road trip..

Also any good hints on getting to the 3 plugs next to firewall? Got them changed without too much blood loss, but there must be an easier way, 'specially #6.... Jim

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Hey Jim, if you remove the engine lift bracket (one nut) above #6, and the oxygen sensor, it gives you just enough room to make the change Bloodless, and the neighbor kids don't have to cover their ears.

Personally, I've had good luck with the DELCO Platinum plugs.

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RapidFires which I have been using for several years are platinum plugs, suspect the replacement with the "platinum" is just a way to increase prices.

White car is going to have to settle for #3s gapped a bit wider since I have not found #14 locally.

My secret for easy plug change is three things:

1) a piece of plywood so I can lie on top of the engine.

2) several 1" extensions

3) Use only Delco O2 sensors which are much shorter than Bosch.

BTW the Rapidfire is also a smooth (not ribbed) sided plug - I find this easier when R&Ring the plug boot.

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