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3800 no start


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I have a 3800 Olds trofeo 1990. It cranks and starts for a second then stops. If I take off the air filter tube at the air cleaner box and spray starting fluid into the tube it starts and runs fine. I can shut it off and restart it for maybe 2 days or longer then, Crank and start for a second or so and then back to the starting fluid and then ok for a few days. I had a service engine soon light on it was code 41 cam sensor. I replace the interrupter and the cam sensor cleared the code and thought I fixed it but after a few days of starting fine and no code I had a no start (as above) shot of ether and good to go again.

Any ideas guys?

Thanks in advance

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Might also be a failing fuel pump relay. Try cranking til the oil pressure comes up and see if it starts then or use the prime lead.

Alternatively a failing fuel pump - won't always start on battery but will if alternator is turning. Check with prime lead and gauge on fuel rail.

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