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1926 master correct tire size

Beto Lacerda

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the car came with some 4,5X21 ( probally from some ford A ) but i really doubt that this is the righ size for the Buick ..

in cockertire.com they inform is the 600X21" , is it correct ??

I´m thinking about buying a set of 5 BF Goodrichs 600X21" with White Walls , but i´m afraid that it wouldn´t be "original"

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The tire size for the Standard or 115 inch wheel base is 550 x 21 and for the master series both 120 and 128 inch wheel base is 600 x 21.

You can use 5:50 x 21 tires on a 600 x 21 rim. I have been running 550 x 21 tires on the front of my 1928 Master that was converted to a pick up for 4 years with not problems. I Started doing that when I was short on money but I liked the look with the front end a little lower.


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Guest jules greenway

hi guys

on the subject of tyre (sorry tire!) sizes our 8-90 came with 700x19. I see that the reccommended size in the manual is 650x19. The 700s look fine and are 3.25" larger diameter so presumably give slightly higher gearing on the road. when we need new tires (hopefully not just yet!) is there any point in changing to the smaller size?



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