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54 Buick Landau


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There is also a recent book out called something like "GM Motoramas . . . .". I found it at Borders a month or so ago. It has ALL of the GM Motorama cars in it, including the '54 Buick Landau. It has the MOST pictures of that car that I've seen anywhere online, plus some not in the online galleries. It covers ALL of the GM Motorama vehicles from start to finish. Probably the only place you'll find some of that information.



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Bill: This is a legimate "one and only" Motorama car. You can see some great photos of it by searching on 1954 Landau in the forum. The car was also used by Harlow Curtice, President of GM from 1953 to 1958. Harlow was the Time Magazine "Man of the Year" for 1955. Buick sold 754,000 units that year and zoomed past Plymouth into 3rd place in sales.

Robert Blair

Austin, TX

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