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frame differences


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The body mounting points would all be different due to the varying body sizes between Plymouth, Dodge, etc. I doubt that any of the front ends between models are the same in dimension.

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Guest Plymouthy

Plymouth is smaller..the Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler share frames..

The Concord line of Plymouth and the Wayfarer Dodge are smaller wheelbases..the Wayfarer shares the Plymouth smaller brakes BUT uses wheel studs and not bolts.

On most frames the body style dictates the mounting points..the rear and front are typically the same..right rear arch gets a torque snubber on the body also..the center are bolt in for some locations as to use the same frame..but different mounting holes are preset on the frame.

If you have a specific question..you may get a more tailored answer.

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Guest imported_Bill-W

For the 1946-48 models, there are four chassis frames (regular wheelbases) :

Plymouth - 117" wheelbase

Dodge - 119½" wheelbase

DeSoto / Chrysler 6 - 121½" wheelbase

Chrysler 8 - 127½" wheelbase

As Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler 6 and Chrysler 8 all shared bodies, the differences between the three is all ahead of the body cowl due to differences in engine length. The Plymouth body is smaller than the D-S-C body.

For 1949-52 models, there are six :

Plymouth DeLuxe/Concord - 111" wheelbase

Plymouth (regular) - 118½" wheelbase

Dodge Wayfarer - 115" wheelbase

Dodge Meadowbrook/Coronet - 123½" wheelbase

DeSoto / Chrysler 6 / 1951-52 Saratoga - 125½ wheelbase

Chrysler 8 (except 1951-52 Saratoga) - 131½" wheelbase

Again, the bodies of the Dodge Coronet, DeSoto, and Chrysler are the same. The differences are all in the area ahead of the body cowl. The Plymouth body is again smaller than the D-S-C body.


Vancouver, BC

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