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  1. Have done this already---will be updating the wiring and thought this would be the time to change if they had one in production----I just sent some pics of the motor to them and will see what they come up with.
  2. I have checked with Newport Engineering and they don`t have one listed for a 52 Windsor---any thoughts......thanks
  3. I have a drivers side NOS gravel shield--it has some scratches and is a nice piece. Probably should be re-plated for show quality. I was going to use it but decided to weld the holes shut and paint the area instead.$75 plus ship
  4. I have a drag link for a 52 Windsor--I bought it NOS and it was installed one summer---I removed it and put in rack & pinion PS steering---excellent condition---app. 29" long---I believe I spent a $150 for it ---how about a $100 bucks and you pay ship....thanks
  5. I believe this script does come in other years as well. Very good condition or NOS with solid mounting pegs.........Thanks
  6. Did the same thing on my 52 Windsor--easy swap...Good Luck to ya.
  7. My manual does not show any torque specs on tightening the body mounts---is there any? Thanks 52er
  8. What vendor carries the best fitting rubber body mounts for a 52 Windsor...Thanks
  9. Do the 51-52 Windsor wheels interchange with the 53-54. The 51-2 wheels are made from a terrible material---are the 53-4 made with a better material? It appears they were different. If so does anybody have one they would part with? Thanks
  10. Here are some pics of how they go on---went to the bone and got what I needed---for reference, the smooth side of the pulley goes towards the engine....52er
  11. I could use an exploded parts view of the front timing cover out to the pulley and balancer on a 265 engine---need the correct order for install.....Thanks
  12. I ordered one bushing kit from Marty to finish the front end clean up and re-paint. Your idea was considered, but was in no hurry. Correct on them greasing the car, sometimes ya gotta change what your doing to get the job done---not all modifications are bad..................Thanks
  13. I need these lower control arm seals----anyone have any or a vendor that has them---Andys and Roberts don`t have them---good used ones will do also--- these are for a 52 Windsor............Thanks
  14. Anyone have a spare they want to sell? The engine I picked up at the bone yard had the balancer off and the pulley was missing. I could take the one off the engine I have in the car but would like to have one on each engine. Thanks.....Lee
  15. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Rusty_OToole</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Try Vintage Power Wagons they are the experts on those motors and have all the parts. I got a set of NOS pistons off Ebay for $60 for all 6. The seller had several sets. They were genuine MoPar (Canadian Chryco actually) with Perfect Circle rings, supplied to the Canadian Army in 1959. The seller was Redbuffalogal. I bought them about a year ago. </div></div> Good to hear from you again---I am deep into the rebuild on the 265. I found a
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