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Anyone at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas?

Barney Eaton

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The BJ auction in Las Vegas is this weekend Oct 16-19 and there is a car there that I would like to get the vin...


If you can even get me the last 6 digets it will help.

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The rest of the story.........

Barrett-Jackson would not give me the vin number.

I receive no response from anyone that might have been at the auction to look at the car and get the vin.

I am very suspicious that the car is one of the "donated" Reattas because it was being sold with "bill of sale only" and it was a very low mileage car.

These donated cars are technically still owned by GM and GM holds a Michigan "scrap" title on them.

Because it is another story, the upcoming December Bugle on Reattas will not cover the "donated" Reattas. I would need to check but I believe I wrote a Bugle story back in 2002 about these cars.

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