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'25 sedan questions


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Sorry if these questions have been asked before I searched through several pages of this forum looking but couldn't find them.

I just picked up a 1925 DB Sedan that I inherited. It has been garaged and on jack stands for the last 20 years. I brought it home and washed/vacuumed and degreased it then pushed it into my garage for another stint on jack stands. I also put a little Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders and the engine turns freely with the hand crank. I didn't get any literature with the car so now I'm left with a couple of questions so here goes:

1- How do I know what kind of engine it has (I have seen a lot of talk about a fast four)?



2- Is the original electrical system 6 or 12 volt? (There was no battery)

3- I'm assuming for the period it used leaded gasoline, can modern unleaded gas be used or is a lead substitute required?

4- The car has steel dish wheels and I need new inner tubes. Where is a good place to fine the tubes and what is the correct tire pressure?

The tire size is 4.40/4.50/4.75/5.00/5.25-21

5- What do the levers do? I know one is the throttle lever, what does the second lever do? Is it timing advance?


6- I didn't receive any keys with the car, the lever moves but is the key still required to complete the electrical system connection?


7- (Last question for this post) What is the missing line on this what ever it is? smile.gif


Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide. I understand that this can be frustrating answering new guy questions constantly! Hopefully one day I will be able to repay the favor and answer someone elses questions!


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1. It's not a fast four, just a regular four. 2. 12 positive ground. 3. They didn't have lead when these cars were new, so no-lead regular is fine. 4. Coker or Universal for tubes , tire size should be 5.00X21, it's written on the tire. 5. spark advance is farthest away lever, hand throttle is closest. Both should be down when starting the car, then push advance all the way up and leave it there to drive. 6. There is a number on the igition key and the lock itself, DB78 for example. Yes, you need a key, unless you hotwire it or the switch is somehow bypassed. Keys are usually available on Ebay or from the Dodge Brothers Club. 7. Looks like the vent pipe. need better closer picture. Thatis the vacuum tank, it pulls gas from the tank then gravity feeds the carb. Buy a "Book of Information" from Ebay for a '25, probably 18th Edition. It will answer MANY questions. It is the owner's manual that would have come with the car when new. Repros that cover all years are available, but the right one is better.

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The T shaped fitting is grease fitting, should NOT be there. Put a pipe plug in it. The copper elbow is a vent, it will work but there is an official pipe that should be there. The repro manual covers '14 to '27. I think you would be better off with the specific year manual if you are not familiar with DBs, but that's just my opinion.

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Item 140275096466 is a Book of Info for a Graham Brothers truck. The ad shows several pics of the quality and detail you would get in a DB manual. I have the generic manual and use it, it is a good manual. BUT the specific manual that is just for your car shows more info that pertains to your car. Some years the manual was changed 3 times, whenever enough changes were made to warrant printing another edition. Also, join the Dodge Brothers Club, the entire collection of back issues of newsletters is available on a CD.

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