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1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 coupes

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Here are my two Dodge Brothers DH6 business coupes that I am working on. I have had the primer red one since 1965 when I was 13 years old...my very first car. Put it together after my dad tore it apart and then I drove it to high school. I am still working on a ground up restoration on it. I have owned the dark blue and black one for about 4 years. John



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Guest Dean_H.

Great looking cars. Coupes have always been one of my favorite body styles.

I had a similar first car experience. Mine was a '51 chev PU. Paid $100 for it in the mid 70s, also at the age of thirteen, and drove it through high school.

Hope you get your first Dodge going soon,


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Nice cars indeed I love early cars like this never owned one but would love to get one for my next car.

We don't often see any thing at all like that here in Australia but always on the look out.

Great pic of you with your first car....Mine was a VC Valiant Ute I don't have any pic's but I had it before I could drive its the car that started the trend.......


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Guest Leonard Shepherd

Wonderful pictures and story. I love those old pictures especially in color. I have a friend who has just restored a 33 Dodge roadster that he has had for about 30 years.

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