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"Dear departed friend" thread....

Guest Kitskaboodle

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Guest Kitskaboodle

I would like to start a thread for all those Reatta's

that are on their way out of this life. I have often thought of taking a camera with me to the junkyard to take a picture or two of a Reatta I saw there. After you leave the junkyard,

chances are you will never see that Reatta again so I thought it would be nice to take a parting shot for memory sake and for reminiscing later.

You can post the photos here and if you like you can include where the junkyard was, some info on the car, vin, etc...

This is basically a pause to remember and reflect thread of those Reatta's that have moved on. frown.gif

(sniff, sniff, anyone have a tissue?)

I will posting pics of a red/tan Reatta I saw 2 weeks ago in a junkyard in Fremont, CA. that had a custom dual exhaust setup. (if it's still there that is)


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I want the vin number so we can document the car as being scrapped.

Someday, the value of these cars may become great enough that scrapped cars may start to appear back on the street and we will have a record showing where they were scrapped.

I already have several scrapped cars on the database and I am always looking for more.

I will start it with one that was hit by a pick-up coming out of a side road, the Reatta veered into the ditch and flipped.


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Arrrggg.....that is so scary looking....feel sorry for that owner/driver. Also makes me feel VERY STUPID when thinking back on the "TimeS" when the Reatta under my butt was running down the road in excess of 100 mph (especially when on the 3 Mile Bridge to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.....if survived the flip and fall, the water below is Cold, Deep, and Far from solid "Anything" frown.gif ).

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Yup. It'll be three years this September since the accident. A life changing event to say the least. Took me a little over a year to recover. Still have pain and carry many scars but it's better than the alternative. That red '91 was a sweet car. She didn't deserve to meet her end like that.


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