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  1. My first memory of a Reatta was seeing one that was evidently on a test drive from our local Buick dealership. It was Burgundy. I remember it going in the opposite direction from where I was going. About broke my neck watching it go by and remember looking in my rear view mirror and seeing the bar of lights from the tail light. Wow! I thought that was one good lookin' car. Went by the dealership to check them out. Saw the sticker price and immediately dismissed the car altogether. Flash forward to '97/'98. Saw a red '90 sitting for sale in a parking lot. It had an aftermarket spoiler on it and
  2. Have always used Yokohama's on my SUV's. Always liked them and decided to try them on the Reatta. I really like them. Smooth and quiet ride... Mike '91 Coupe
  3. Will it fit all years or just '88 & '89's?? Mike '91 Coupe
  4. Cassettes?? Careful, you're showing your age. Mike '91 Coupe
  5. I think they look great. Love the total look with your spoiler. Mike '91 coupe
  6. The third picture looks like the steering wheel is on the driver's side, left side, of the cock pit. Sure we're not seeing some sort of reflection of the wheel in passenger window?? Mike '91 Coupe
  7. The novelty of the 88 & 89 CRT's are way cool. Loved being able to monitor engine functions, mileage read outs, etc. The problem I had with them is that they were too distracting. I found myself playing with the many functions they offered more so than paying attention to the road where my attention should have been. I guess it could be related to a cell phone scenario but not on as big a scale. Or so I told myself. Haven't had that kind of problem with the 90 & 91's I've owned. Nothing to play with other than station changes & temp controls. I miss the 89's I've owned but for me a
  8. Did you recently wash your car or has it been out in the rain recently? Sometimes water leaking into the trunk compartment will trigger the lock relay making it cycle on and off. If water was the problem it should stop cycling when it thoroughly drys out. In the mean time you can get it to stop cycling by removing the relay. Pull back the trunk carpet on the passenger side wheel well. You'll see a bank of relays. You'll be able to tell which relay it is through the constant cycling, clicking, noise that the relay's making. By laying your hand on the relays you can feel which one is clicking. U
  9. Be prepared to spend money on this vehicle no matter what condition it is at the time of purchase. Remember, you're looking at a car over 20 years in age. Even the best stay the best because their owners are willing to spend the time and money to keep them that way. I've owned Reatta's from well over 100k - 40k in mileage. Had to spend money, sometimes substantial, on all of them. Even the low mileage vehicles. If you are willing to be patient the most attractive vehicles, in my opinion, are the low mileage cars that have been well kept by their owners. Usually, not quite as much out of pocket
  10. '90's and '91's do not have the chimel '91 Coupe Mike
  11. It could very well be your brakes. This is has been an old problem and you can read all about it by doing a search on the subject. To verify that it's your brakes while driving roll your window down so you can clearly hear the rattle. Go over a bumpy or rough patch of road that you know will start the rattle. As you hear the rattle lightly apply your brakes. If the sound goes away that's your culprit. Give it a try.. Mike '91 Coupe
  12. '70 Chevelle SS, 454 W/4 Speed '69 Caprice Coupe Loaded W/427 '69 Impala SS, 427 W/4 Speed '09 Dodge Challenger, White W/4 Speed Mike '91 Coupe
  13. Have owned six, 2 - '89's, 2 - '90's, & 2 - '91's over eleven years. Must say that the '91's were the most maintenance free of them all. Until last summer. Had to put a new compressor in my current '91. Then had to turn around and put a water pump on it. That being said even the '89 & '90 repairs were what you'd expect on cars of that age. Accumulators, water pumps, a light switch here and there. All in all not alot of money spent. As my Father used to tell me, "You can do alot of fixin' and come out way ahead of the cost of a new one." How right he was. Just cleaned and detailed the '
  14. So sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she will recover and be as good as new. Mike '91 Coupe
  15. You haven't seen the book. It's over half a foot thick. Thicker than most Bible's... Mike '91 Coupe
  16. When you are re-attaching the the brake light assembly make sure you are tightening all of the wing nuts securely. Especially those on the end of each side of the assembly. If you don't secure them tight you can have moisture creep in and accumulate. You can tell if they're not secured tight enough because you'll see condensation build up on the inside of the assembly. This can then cause bulbs, especially your new ones, to burn out. I've been there and it's happened to me. The wing nut located by the power antenna assembly is especially frustrating to fasten down because of limited space for
  17. What's the estimate for repairs? Can't help but think you could get it done reasonably. Don't give up yet.. Mike '91 Coupe
  18. Looks like the "Anti-Lock" idiot light's on in your interior shot. Be sure to take the brake test. You'll find it at Reatta.net in the Brake section under Troubleshooting and Tests. You don't want any brake problems. If you have any interest in re-covering your steering wheel use the search option and you can find out who you can send it to. The car looks great. Always liked the Driftwood color. Mike '91 Coupe
  19. Hey Barney, How 'bout some pictures of your new ride??? Mike '91 Coupe
  20. I can't speak for the binding problem with your lights other than the obvious, making sure that both are free and clear from any wiring. If it happens again I would listen and make sure the motors are working when you turn them on. What I wanted to warn you about is the use of your twi-light sentinel. I would be careful relying on the sentinel. My concern is when it engages while you're moving. Especially on the hi-way. When they pop open the force of the wind and your forward motion could snap them back so hard as to damage the plastic rollers with in the motors. I've had two 91's and have al
  21. Your car will go into lock-up at approximately 145 degrees. The problem I forsee is in the winter months when it gets so cold that your car does not achieve the lock-up temp. Your fuel economy will be affected not being able to shift into overdrive.
  22. The flasher is located next to the steering wheel column under the dash. You'll need to remove the plastic kick panel above the gas/brake pedals. You'll need to move the seat back as far as it goes, lay on your back in the floor board to access. Leave your turn signal on in the direction that it works so as to hear the ticking sound and feel your way to the ticking flasher. If the flasher is not working at all turn on your emergency flasher. The emergency flasher is right beside the turn flasher. Again, feel your way to the ticking flasher. The turn signal flasher will be right beside your tic
  23. Where there's a will, there's a way....
  24. Brian, I believe that's what Jack was saying. Thanks, Mike
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