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Head Light Type?


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After reading through some old DB newletters the 4 cyl. cars are supposed to have two style of head lamps - both of which have the twist on/off type of method for the ring.

However, my 1919/20 has a different type. This one looks like a 'barrel' type. It has the adjustment screw in the rear. The strange thing is that these head light rings are attached differently. The top is pinched-in by a tab at the top, and secured at the bottom by a nut and bolt. Notice that the reflector is held on by 3 screws instead of pinched in by the retaining springs (by the L shape fasteners).

Any ideas on which style or which years these headlights belong?






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I may be interested. These do work, probably a conditon 3 (no pitting, but scratched). The paint has runs on both the bucket and reflector.

In the spirit of full disclosure, on close inspection they are slightly differnt. In the pictures above the top 'tab' that hold the head-light ring on, the tab was created (from the factory) by cutting the metal and forming the tab with a press - like a hood louver. The other headlight actually has a metal tab (shorter in width). Also the inside bulb adjustment arn is too long on one of the buckets (no adjustment). They both have places for two bulbs each.

Let me know the confdtion of your correct buckets. Lenses in or out of the trade?

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