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  1. I'm looking for a transmission shop in the OC CA area that does quality work. Anyone have any recomendations? And please don't recomend --mco, Bubbar works there! Steve
  2. I used to work in two different Chevrolet dealerships in the late sixty's / early seventy's and never seen or even heard of a 68 Chevelle Concours Coupe. steve
  3. The least Bubbar could have done was to cover up the name with some cedar shingles............. <<steve 3560>>
  4. Keep in mind that anything you do to the car to improve it's overall condition, is a good thing reguardless of how small it is. Nothing keeps you in a better frame of mind than fixing something that was broke, or not working properly. and yes, it will cost alot more than expected and take a lot longer, but hang in there, "It just keeps getting better" <<steve 3560>>
  5. The timming chain cover is actually the back half of the water pump and was very seceptible to corosion and eventually leaking into the oil pan. There was severe pitting in mine so I had it heli-ark welded, that was 17 years ago and haven't had a problem since. And as stated above, pay particular attention to the rear window area and any place on the car where there are moldings and or script. As far as the clamshells, they were always a problem,(first and last year of that design, so the bugs were never worked out) especially the switches at the motor. As the years go by, parts are getting harder and harder to find... NEVER thorw anything away! Good, bad, working, or not, don't throw it away. <<steve, 3560>>
  6. Bob: My golden rule in restoration; "Never throw anything away" If you, or your mechanic takes anything off the car, especially if it's OEM make sure that you get it back and keep it! Even if dosen't work, keep it! Steve Boivin #3560
  7. This 1965 Buick Riviera is up for sale, asking price is $14,500.00. All reasonible offers considered. All numbers matching, lots of spare parts. Daily driver quality and beliver it or not, it gets pretty decent MPG too. 95% overhaul of the entire drive train including transmission reseal,springs, body mounts, etc. CV joints and driveshaft are still in-phase, no vibrations. PW, PS, P seat, clam-shells work. All chrome has been refinished, (rechromed) Always starts, never overheats, shifts perfect, rides like a Barkalounger and will suck the doors off ANYTHING going up the Grapevine at 110mph without even breathing hard. Even Mr. Scott made a couple of very positive comments on it ..... and who wouldn't belive him! We hate to see it go, but we need to find another good home for it, so we can move on to our next project. We are located in Orange County CA near Disneyland. The pictures say it all, www.flickr.com/photos/rivertwo/sets/
  8. Looking for a 73 Corvette Coupe. I would perfer a 350 Automatic but will consider the 454. Thanks, Steve.......... shboisr@yahoo.com
  9. Hi Marty, long time no see. Where you been hiding? Not too sure that i should say on this forum what my next project will be, cause it won't be a Buick LOL Steve
  10. Finally selling our 65 Riviera. we have own this car since 92, and have invested alot of money restoring it. Haven't quite got the hang of posting pictures yet, but I'll gladly send them to your address. Steve Orange County CA shboisr@yahoo.com
  11. Looking for a 1973 Corvette with a 350 / auto trans in the southwest US. No convertibles. Any leads or information will be greatly appreciated, Thanks........ Steve
  12. We have had this car since 1992 and now it's time to move on to another project. We have taken, and showed, this car from one end of the state to the other. All original numbers, 401, custom interior, center arm rests front and rear. Never overheats, never pings, clam-shells work. We have won dozens of awards and trophies with this car. It's a real head-turner. Over $15.000 invested. car has always been garaged. Asking $14500.00, I will e-mail pictures to your address, car is located in Orange County CA. Steve ...... shboisr@yahoo.com Thanks
  13. Looking for a 1973 Corvette, with 350 / auto trans, in the southern Ca area. If anyone has knowlege of any 73's for sale I'd appreciate the info. Steve shboisr@yahoo.com
  14. I didn't spend too much time looking it over, but from what I saw, the wooden pieces were in pretty good condition. Good enough for templets anyway, if nothing else. The car is located in the city of Orange, CA and the guy (Jerry) says that the owner was asking $12,000, but you know how thoses ole car nuts are, their ALWAYS asking too much. lol Steve
  15. Check your vacuum......... Steve
  16. 49 Chrysler Town & Country convertible for sale in Santa Ana CA For Sale.......... shboisr@yahoo.com
  17. We all love our Rivieras first and foremost, but doesn't it just tear you apart when you see any old classic sitting and rusting away? Weather it be a Buick or, one of them others.......... In my vast travles the other day I came across a 49 Chrysler Town & Country convertible. You know, the one that had all those wooden body parts? The guy claims it's got a Hemi in it, but he also says it may not be the original engine. I'm not a Mopar fanatic, so I don't know too much more. If anyone out there in cyber-land knows anyone else that might be interested, I can point you in the right direction. Steve Boivin 3560
  18. Hello everyone, I am in need of a source for chassis and body service manuals. the ones that I have now are in pretty poor shape and on top of that they were poor reproductions to begin with. However they have served me well over the years, but now it's time to replace them. So if anyone out there has a source for service manuals, I would appreciate the info. Thanks,....... steve
  19. According to my Hollander manuals, 63,64 & 65 fuel tanks are intetchangeable
  20. I had to go through the same ordeal several years ago. I actually suspended the hood from the rafters of my garage. using heavy black rubber "bungee" cords, (and a lot of them) I was actually able to remove the hinge and the hood just hung there. But, before I removed the hinge, I outlined the hinge location with masking tape both on the firewall and hood.
  21. many years ago, I purshased this decal from Classic Buicks. However, it was more of a heavy "foil" type rather than a thin "metal". In any event, it went on perfectly and has stood up perfect over the years. The tricky part was getting it on straight, concentrict and without any gaps at the edges.
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