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  1. 2carb40 The 1936 Buick Hearst. Does he have Bumpers, Fenders or Wheels. That Hearst was likely a Model 90. Fenders.
  2. Did you replace the pillar and dogleg wood?
  3. Timing cover for Buick 320 Straight 8 1942 up. 1942-1949 All 60, 70, 80, 90, 320 Engines. Modern lip seal.
  4. Looking for good pair or left or right tail lights for 1975 Delta 88.
  5. I have the original rubber floor mat in my 90.
  6. WTB 1936 Buick Limited model 90 Wheels. 14 spoke large bolt pattern.
  7. 1936 Buick Limited Model 90 Lower control arm shaft and inner bushings.
  8. I found a balancer from smaller 1937 Buick inline 8. I have not had the business remove it because I am not sure it will fit or interchangeable. Can anyone let me know if it will work. Also maybe I have a spacer missing. If I pushed balancer all the way back it will hit the timing belt cover. So, am I missing a spacer to stop it from going back and therefore the big washer and bolt on front can put some pressure on it. Thanks
  9. Wanted 1936 Buick 320 flywheel ring gear. 1937 and 38 may be interchangable.
  10. Do you have a harmonic Balancer for 1936 Buick 320cu?
  11. Thanks for the diagrams and other information 1939_buick - 39 Buick Team Member
  12. Does anyone have a breakout diagram of the complete 1936 Buick model 60-80-90 transmission that you can email me. carlos1948 at sbcglobal.net ? Thanks
  13. 1936 Buick transmission or parts wanted. I believe 1936 Century Model 60, Roadmaster Model 80 and Limited Model 90 have the same transmission.
  14. Anyone have a transmission or parts. I am looking for parts or a complete transmission. I believe the transmission is the same from the Century, Roadmaster and Limited.
  15. Fork is worn. I will repair it and hopefully that will solve the problem.
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