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  1. Problem solved ....almost. The tag is 30109 which is a 1930 model 61 sedan. The dash is 1930, fenders, bumpers, everything but the one thing I see that might be 1932 is the Buick bar badge between the headlights. The 1930 has a thinner bar that is straight and the Buick logo is smaller. Not exactly sure of this. Would need better picture. The car isn't even close to being a 1932. I had a 32-90 this is no 32 90 especially not a limo. I passed up a beautiful original 31-90 7 pass for 18 grand several years ago. They are nice riding cars.
  2. Next time you go "Back to the future" take a good look at Biff's 46 Ford convertible in the chase scene around the town square where it ends up in the horse manure. Seems they used two cars and one has front parking lights and one does't. Not a Ford guy but I'm guessing the one with lights is a 47. They cut back and forth between them. I'm also a TCM junkie and it seems that movies made in the 30's didn't really care about continuity. There are several chase scenes in gangster pics where they go from a long shot to a close up where one of the cars change.
  3. For those of you that want to know an easy way to tell a smaller Buick series from the larger ones just look for the water manifold on the drivers side of the engine. In this case it doesn't have one which means it just has a pipe from the front of the head right into the top of the radiator. That makes this a model 58 as the 50 series was the small one in 1932. If it was a larger series there would be a pipe from the top of the radiator to the back of the engine with two pipes coming down to the top of the head. These have a way of rotting on the inside and usually pick the hottest day to spring a leak. If you have one of these that has never been replaced suggest you do it or at least carry a spare in your trunk or under your seat. My 25 Buick has the original but I live life dangerously , no spare . I carry a roll of duct tape.
  4. Never assume anything especially as to a collector getting rid of anything. The good news is that I still have it. The bad news is that I have since moved and it's now in storage. I will be digging it out in the next few months. Do you have a 24-51? I do have a few parts for it.
  5. I recognized this as Sandy's car right away but I never thought he would sell it. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing . We used to correspond a lot as I had a 1932 90. It's been a few years since we last linked up. I knew he lost his brother. Wow ...I'm shocked.
  6. bubba

    1925 Buick

    This is a 24-45 with a set of Rex enclosures on it. I used to own this car and it's now being restored by its' new owner. The windows are glass and they slide. I think this 25-25 car might have them. If so he removed the ones on the front door. The picture shows the 24-45 car in 1929. I wrote an article in the Bugle about it. I'm glad to see more interest in the tourings from this period.
  7. just for reference here is an original 25-45 wheel with the correct size and pattern for striping. No crayon used!
  8. joe sent you a message SALE SUSPENDED FOR NOW
  9. I spoke to the owner and as I said it is not far from me and as it turns out I saw this car in the late 70's. I used to drive by the garage on my way to college everyday and one day the garage door was open. I never knew what it was until recently. Hubert what he has for a top is probably a set of REX Enclosures. They were a company that supplied glass sliding windows for open touring cars. They were removable with some tools.. I had a NOS set for a model 45 still in the crate. Buick made fixed top versions of the 25 and that is a 25A
  10. I'm in Cedarhurst which is near kennedy airport. He'll have to come today or if it doesn't rain later cause they are going in today, thanks.
  11. I have an old engine hoist I used to take out a big buick straight eight. No problems. On Long Island NY Check out my parts washer also.
  12. I have a parts washer for sale only used once to clean the head on a 34 buick. Never abused. Sits on large drum full of cleaner. . Must pick up on Long Island, NY reply to this site thanks. Also check out my engine hoist.