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  1. Hello All, Quick question. I have a 1936 Buick Special 4dr sedan. I'm in the process of working the wooden doors and I'm looking for the door check stops. They are completely missing from an early 1980s restoration. The front doors have the nut portion, but nothing else. The back have nothing at all. (Pics) Is there anything that may come close to these perhaps from a GM, Chevy, Truck, Olds ect? Any help would be great. I'd had to see them bend all the way back. Thanks Robert P.
  2. Hello All, I just replaced rear shoes in my 1936 and 1949 Buick. Is it wise NOT to throw these in the metal recycling bin? I really would hate to just toss them. Thanks Robert
  3. WOW!! What a big progject. '39 Buicks are beatiful cars...a little different style than what you would expect from a Buick!! I love these at the show...BEST OF LUCK!! Robert
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