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  1. Hi All, Getting ready to remove the "Intermediate Steering Arm" from my 1936 Buick Special because its shot and cause really bad death wobble. This looks like a challenge. Does anyone have any suggestions or has done this before? Any pointers would be great. Looks like there is a bracket that it's attached too. So, does this bracket get loose and slide forward/backward?
  2. Hello All, Quick question. I have a 1936 Buick Special 4dr sedan. I'm in the process of working the wooden doors and I'm looking for the door check stops. They are completely missing from an early 1980s restoration. The front doors have the nut portion, but nothing else. The back have nothing at all. (Pics) Is there anything that may come close to these perhaps from a GM, Chevy, Truck, Olds ect? Any help would be great. I'd had to see them bend all the way back. Thanks Robert P.
  3. Hello All, I just replaced rear shoes in my 1936 and 1949 Buick. Is it wise NOT to throw these in the metal recycling bin? I really would hate to just toss them. Thanks Robert
  4. Hello Let me see what I have, I have a broken casting one but has all parts.... Robert
  5. You're welcome Dan, what is the best steering gear lubrication to use. My '49 Super box is in good shape and no slop. Thanks Robert
  6. John, Thanks for the recommendation. I am going to go with Dans company as soon as I get the $$ and time to do the job of removing the steering column. The idiot I bought the car from had it about 35 years and never maintained it in any way. Ran the box dry and I’m sure the rollers are really worn. I took off the oil filer and it was dry and rusty. Car really wonders and you have to constantly over correct it. Plus death wobble, scares me. Thanks again. Robert
  7. Okay, I'll have to give you a call sometime... thanks for your # rob
  8. Thanks Dan for your reply, well what happens is that that when you turn the steering wheel left/right, the wheel moves a lot before the pitman arm starts to move, I've tried adjusting the box and still have the same results. and the the car wonders a lot while driving, then a bump comes a long and it's the dreaded death wobble. I've replace the outer tie rods and will be doing the inner soon. But still the worm inside the box seems to have a lot of "end play". Robert
  9. 1936 Buick Special Steering Box rebuild Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good steering box rebuild company for my 1936 Buick Special? I have a lot of end play in the wheel and am experiencing “death wobble” a lot. Thanks Robert
  10. Thanks Herm, Interesting. I never done this before, but will learn how to do it. I know for a fact that this engine has brass shims (multi layers). Some are thinker than others. I want to get the know out and increase hot pressure. Robert
  11. Hi Terry, yeah, I did, in fact I had a spare pump in which I stretched the spring and got more cold pressure, but hot about the same. The book calls for 45lbs @ 45mph Thanks Robert
  12. Hi All Nice weather is on it’s way! Time to dust off them off and polish em up! I am thinking that I am going to re-adjust the bottom end of my 1936 Buick Special Series 40 with a 233 cubic inch (3.8L) connecting rods. I think they maybe loose on the crank. While running the engine good and warmed up, I took off the oil pan just to “see” what they looked like. I noticed that they move very freely on the crank (end play). Also, there is a slight knock on acceleration. With the heavy oil the knock sound is less audible and reduces when warming. This time I’m going to use a plastigage to measure
  13. Hello Ben, Here are some video's I do have Lucas oil stab. in this one.... Cold Oil Pressure: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v...54168826962139 HOT OIL Pressure https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v...17395448514292 RObert
  14. Hey Don, Thanks for your advice. Yeah, I don't rum em much ('49 Buick as well). But do enjoy the rides and don't want to have to keep staring at the oil pressure guage and not enjoy my ride and worry if I will make it or not and then oh yeah make it back... It does burn a little oil and leak a little, but that another issue in itself. RObert
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