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  1. John, Thanks. Yes the owner was meticulous in maintaining the car for more than 20 years. He was 90 when he passed away and had taken the car to at least two car shows last year despite some very serious heal issues. He also owned a beautiful Ferrari Dino but this was his favourite car by far. I just hope I can find it a good home and an owner who will continue to keep it in the condition it is in now.
  2. Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada this beautiful 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass was owned by a dear friend who recently passed away. It was cherished and maintained meticulously by a mechanically knowledgeable gentleman for many years primarily as a show car . Excellent conditon throughout with recently REBUILT matching numbers 330CID/290HP engine (rebuilt correct Rochester 4 barrel carburetor) with 2 speed Jetaway Transmission. The suspension was rebuilt with new front coil springs and rearced leaf rears and the car sits as it came from the factory. This car is loaded with dual exhaust, pow
  3. Now if beautiful Ford was priced at $39k Canadian I might be tempted.. :-) BTW was the car built in Windsor because if so my dad might have helped to build it?
  4. I'd be interested in this car if the needles of the tic-tac-tach were the correct shade of red. That is a big turn off for me......besides the fact that I don't have the money to buy it.:-)
  5. Matt, The comment about the "yellow throttle return spring" made me laugh. Several years ago I had a very nice looking 1966 Corvette that I would take to cruise night and local shows. It was a nice looking car but had many incorrect parts although to the non "expert" eye very original in appearance. Not an evening would pass that a certain other 1966 Corvette owner who had bought a Bloomington Gold award winning car would come to look at my car and "tsk tsk " about the alternator numbers or hose clamps etc. being "wrong" and what I should do to correct this sacrilege. One night he stopped by
  6. Nowhere does Motoringicons say that the car is ready for a judged car show. He mentions "driving and enjoyment" which this car would provide in spades. I see nowhere that the car is in anyway misrepresented I really don't mind people "expert" in a particular car pointing out incorrect additions, deletions because in this way we all learn something of value. So long as postings are polite I personally have no problem with someone critiquing a car that is for sale. I miss the ads from Matt Harwood and wish that he would continue to do so but I understand his viewpoint entirely.
  7. Can you please post the location of where the car might be viewed?
  8. For sale I have a 1955 and a 1960 Ford clocks. Both are excellent condition and appear to be rebuilt or reconditioned although I cannot verify but they both work. They were found by a widow of a old car hobbiest friend of mine who passed away a few years ago during a garage cleaning. She has asked me to dispose of them for her. I Price is $100US +shipping each for the clocks.
  9. I am selling 3 Oldsmobile clocks for the widow of a long time car hobbiest. There is one each identified as 1957, 1958, 1959. All are in excellent cosmetic condition and all have been tested and work fine. I suspect that they have been restored at some time in the past but have no documentation to prove. I will send photos to anyone interest in purchasing a clock. My price is $100US each plus shipping. I am located in Canada and can ship from Minnesota but US Customs wil demand a $10US import fee also. If interested please PM me.
  10. Thank you. I knew I would get a quick response on this website. That is much appreciated.
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