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  1. Justin, Go to the first page of each section. For example page 2-1 "Group 2 Engine". There you will see not only the torque specification but also the thread size used in case you need to replace missing hardware or clean up an old one. Good Luck!
  2. Bill, I have an extra set of 12 volt 53 horns what year do you need? Try running some water into the horn and then tapping it with a rubber mallet. Could just be frozen.
  3. JD, I used Hart Radiator to clean the tank on my 53 Roadmaster that had half a tank of 30 year old Ethyl. They boiled the tank for me and even took an extra day to make sure the job was good.
  4. Terrill Machine in DeLeon Texas has advertisements in Hemmings and from time to time the Bugle. You will find them knowledgeable and very responsive with good quality parts. They can sell you the fuel pump you need along with a good quality rebuild kit for your carb. One real advantage to rebuilding the carb (in addition to the satisfaction of completing it yourself) is that you will become aware of the function of all the parts. So, if you need to adjust your mixture, idle speed, or the automatic choke you will know right where to go. 53 Supers could come with either a Carter or a Stromb
  5. I have been taking my old copies of the Bugle and Antique Automobile and leaving them at two barber shops in my area. They have been a hit with the barbers and offer great exposure for the clubs.
  6. Well, after a long search I have my 53 Roadmaster Hardtop. Now it is time to find one with a red leather and black nylon interior. Isn't this the great thing about our hobby? The more we learn and the more exposure we have to these pieces of history, the greater the "dreams" become.
  7. Rhode Island Wiring Service (401) 789-1955. Website is www.riwire.com
  8. Well of course you do!! It isn't everyday you find a Roadmaster wagon at that kind of priced.
  9. Mike, Trim #79 is dark blue nylon pattern with plain light blue broadcloth. If you are needing materials, try contacting SMS Auto Fabrics in Canby OR. Their website is www.smsautofabrics.com and has an online sample request form. They have done a great job for me in the past and are very personable as well. Good Luck!!
  10. Bill, you are safe with the 3 1/4 width. 1954 was the year the width reduced to 3 inches.
  11. Mike, I also have a 53 Roadmaster hardtop and will be happy to put in my two cents. A picture would help along with the trim number on your ID plate.
  12. 2004 Chrysler Pacifica 45K+ 22mpg No No Size too small for the equipment I carry for my job. Nope, I have purchased my last Detroit money pit. Hope to get 10 years out of the Pacifica and retire. All future purchases will have ventiports and nailhead durability!
  13. Roberto, the power brakes on your Roadmaster use a vacuum booster to assist the operation. So, in addition to inspecting the cylinders and linings, I would check to make sure those components are present and working. If you dont already have a shop manual, there is typically one or more on ebay at a reasonable price. Is your car a two door or four door? Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum.
  14. Thought you guys might enjoy seeing what alot of rubbing compound, polish, wax, and sweat can do to 53 year old laquer. Replaced the fuel pump, kitted the carb, and this old 322 came to life just fine!!
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