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  1. My fan clutch gave out and the fan is now smacking the radiator... I was looking through Summit Racing for a replacement fan clutch but was not sure which one is right for my car... The first one is called a Non-Thermal and is $32. It says it disengages at freeway speeds. The second is called a Thermal and disengages according to engine temperature. The third is a Big Block and says it's for big block engines with air conditioning. My car is a 425ci with air conditioning. Which one is right for my car? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know exactly when this year the Pasadena Buick Show will take place? I was there last year and it was simply awesome. I tried doing a search but came up with no results. Thanks for any info and hope to see you there!!
  3. Has anyone around here seen the clear round headlights they are now making? I've been seeing them around a bit more than before. I just saw one yesterday on a 66 mustang. Does anyone know what brand they or where I can find a set for my 58 Special? Kevin
  4. What a cool week. I'd call this a (mostly) euro car week. I went heads up with an Audi A4 (new body) up to about 70mph and opened up about 10 car lengths on it. Also beat a Mercedes E320 on the freeway from about 60 on up. Raced a Nissan 300zx twice. Once from a stop and once from about 50 on up. Beat him twice in a row. And lastly, the most amazing, I got a TAXI to race me from a stoplight. It was a Ford Crown Vic. You know what happened.... Anyone in the Los Angeles / California area?
  5. Hi Tom, just wanted to ask if you are in the Northridge area. I know your profile says Camarillo but lately I've noticed the exact same car as yours around CSUN (where I go). Interested in a race? I still have more racing stories over the past 2 weeks. I'll get them up here soon.
  6. Wow... I haven't posted in a while and everything is so different now. It'll take some time to get used to this... Anyway, anyone care to share any stories about street racing their Buick? I have a whole bunch of stories and would like to hear yours too. My car: 1996 Buick Roadmaster, rear wheel drive, LT-1 engine (daily driver, most stories) vs. 95-ish body Ford Mustang on the freeway, race started from about 60mph and i kept him behind me all the way to 110. Dodge Durango, i don't know what he had on it but we were running dead even until about 70, then i started moving ahead. Mercedes S430
  7. Sorry about that, it is a Holden... I had written the post off the top of my head without rechecking.<P>I still would like to see the return of the Grand National.<P>The Grand National started it all with the monochromatic paint job. Then the rear-drive Impala SS took over (ended in '96). Now, Mercury is trying a shot at that, although it is overpriced and underpowered.
  8. Yes the Roadmaster does, but I was comparing it to the Roadmster's third gear, for example, downshifting to third on the freeway.
  9. They are in good condition. Parking is tough, right now one is being restored, one is at home, and the other is in storage for $125 per month. Here is a dinky website I set up, although it still needs a much work.<BR> <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/rk6400/buick.html" TARGET=_blank>www.geocities.com/rk6400/buick.html</A>
  10. Who would like to see a new Grand National be built again?<P>Pontiac is bringing the Opel to the U.S. from Australia and labeling it as a GTO, with the Corvette LS1 engine and 6-speed. The same car also happens to be available in Australia with a supercharged 3.8 V-6.<BR>Now, if Buick changes the look and brings us the 6-cylinder for a lower price than the GTO, it would be the ideal Grand National for the 21st century.<P>I'll take mine in black.<P>I hope Buick monitors this Forum...<p>[ 07-19-2002: Message edited by: 96roadmaster ]
  11. I am trying to figure out what gear to switch to on my 1964 Riviera. I am planning on a 3.73 or 3.90. I know my third gear is a 1.00 ratio (ST400).<P>I have a 3.42 on my Roadmster and it feels fine in third gear (also 1.00 ratio) on the freeway.<P>I know the Riviera would be a bit more aggressive, but have any of you guys tried that combo firsthand before?<P>The car would be mostly used for street driving with only occasional freeway bursts. <P>Any ideas?
  12. Thanks for everything. I also received a fax from Fireball with directions.<P>I'll be driving my white 96 Roadmaster Sedan.<P>What will you guys be driving to the show?<P>See ya all there!!<p>[ 05-17-2002: Message edited by: 96roadmaster ]
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