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  1. I did all my lights except the uppermost bulb on the speedometer. I just can't get to it, and am hesitant to pull off a 50+ year old dashpad for one bulb. The LED's have such a strong light spread that you can't really tell the difference actually.
  2. If that car came from a time capsule then mine is still on the assembly line.
  3. DV8, thank you very much for the items. They showed up on Saturday. Thanks again for your promptness. I toyed with the car all day
  4. Great timing, I'll take the 5 blade fan and cigarette lighters. Please let me know where to send the funds. Thank you!
  5. They look great. If my car didn't have the oem wheels I'd have that exact same set already. Here's the youtube video of that car:
  6. I let it idle a few minutes, and then still drive it slowly for a few more minutes until the rest of the fluids catch up. 3-4 minutes for the engine sounds about right.
  7. The lights aren't bright enough to be obtrusive at all. I live in a dimly lit area and the dash lights do not bother me, but your preference may be otherwise. For $10 it was the cheapest update I've ever done on any car.
  8. The dimmer doesn't dim gradually, it dims in uneven "stages." That doesn't bother me though since I swapped to LEDs to be brighter, not dim them down. But in the future when dimmable LEDs are available I'll switch them again. I'm happy now regardless though. I tried a deeper blue first since I had those laying around from my other car but it was too much for the Riviera. So I bought a superwhite set and I'm happy with them. In fact I had a few leftovers from the Riviera and got started on the 58 last night too lol. And I loved them, so I also just bought a set for that car. Ed, my 96 Roadmaster had white lights but would light up green. I took the cluster apart and the bulbs had a very tiny plastic rubber coating on them which gave it the color. I took apart the whole thing and my cluster turned white. I suspect your Pontiac was the same way.
  9. Took a picture for you guys to help you see what it looks like: The set I got is 6000k in color so it has a tinge of blue, but that's how I wanted it. They also make LEDs in the stock 2700k yellowish hue, and a 5000k pure white. It's all just preference, they brightness is the same. Thank you KongaMan for your help. Toyed with the car some more last night and decided not to do the courtesy lights. I don't feel comfortable taking apart 50 year old dome lights/lenses in fear that they'll crack. So I'm going to just leave the lights alone. Will get to the radio this weekend though.
  10. KongaMan, you're exactly correct. I found all 3 bulb types when pulling them out, and replaced with the wedge and BA9S. I like the HVAC and gear indicator as bright as possible to match the speedometer bucket, and it's pretty near now. Didn't get a chance to shoot a pic last night because I got home late, but will put one up tonight. I didn't do the idiot lights since I like the soft dim of the originals, and I didn't care to deal with resistors for the turn signals. So the only bulbs I'm replacing are the constant-on ones. Would you happen to know how to get to the radio bulb? I can't find the darn thing and am reluctant to pull the radio out to get to it. After doing the dash now I'm wondering why I didn't do the courtesy lights. So I'll be ordering that set tonight too!
  11. Hi Drew, I first bought a set of 194s from Amazon. They were brighter than my tired 168s but they weren't that much brighter. I had some leftover LEDs around after doing the Mercedes so I popped those in. So much brighter! It's a huge upgrade in lighting output even over the 194. So I bought a complete LED set and got to work on those. I'm entirely happy now. Instrument cluster bulbs are accessible through the two small access doors under the dashboard. The hardest one to get to is the top bulb of the speedometer. I don't know if there's an easy way but that was a killer. jsgun's link is super helpful when ordering bulbs. I referenced them on the website but bought my sets from ebay. Just need to figure out how to get to the radio's bulb now.
  12. Update time! Got the rest of my bulbs today in the mail and I'm pleased with them. Will take a pic tomorrow for you guys. Just need to do the ignition switch bulb since that's the only one that doesn't match in color now. I went for a pure white...but that's just my personal preference. The only bulb I haven't done yet is the radio. Would rather not pull the radio but I can't find the bulb socket yet. Will try again tomorrow.
  13. After reading Shmiddy's post about the LEDs I ran out and tried a few LEDs I had laying around on the Rivi. WOW! I loved it, loved the brightness, so I just sent an email to my lighting guy asking for everything. I also mentioned dimmable, but not sure if that's a possibility. Should get all the parts within a week! The ones I asked for are 194 wedge bulbs for the two major buckets (total of 6), 1816 for the HVAC, clock and gear indicator (total of 6), and BA9S for the radio. Please cross-check the part numbers though as I've been known to err here and there Not bothering to swap the idiot lights as they don't need LEDs in there.
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