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  1. I'll try to run it by my cam grinder; he sees more antique cams than most anyone in the country. He may have some insight. jack vines
  2. Thanks for the replies. That's pretty much how I figured to go. We couldn't find a valve guide interchange, so we just manufactured a valve guide from three pieces from other engines. jack vines
  3. Greetings, All, We usually built Studebaker and Packard V8s and the occasional Champion, but a 1927 Dictator Light Six has come in for a rebuild. Since this is outside our normal supply chain, we'd appreciate any engine parts supplier recommendations. jack vines Obsolete Engineering Division of Mager Engine
  4. FWIW, I've owned both. The '55 is by far the better driver and less expensive to buy and own. However, you're like me and an old guy who can't take it with him. The '56 Golden Hawk is the ne plus ultra of the '50s Studes. It's fast, beautiful and fun. Go for the gusto. jack vines
  5. Starting with a NOS never-installed 1955 Packard 320" short block, freshened with all new STD bearings, STD bore chrome rings, new valves, new lifters, reground camshaft and rocker arm tips. Your choice of redesigned Packard oil pump w/vacuum pump or Oldsmobile conversion pump. This a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to install an essentially factory fresh long block engine - $2995 jack vines
  6. 1955-56 Packard 352" V8 Bored and diamond honed with torque plate New .040" pistons and rings Crankshaft reground .020", new main, rod and cam bearings Camshaft reground, new lifters and timing chain New valves, guides, seals, hard exhaust seats Rocker shafts cleaned, rocker tips reground Timing cover and front balance damper cleaned and installed Oil pan soda blasted and washed The long block is assembled and ready to go. Your choice of rebuilt Packard oil/vacuum pump or Oldsmobile oil pump conversion. Painted your choice of color This engine rebuilt to the highest professional standards is o
  7. Hi, Brian, That one sold, but we can rebuild your engine for you. At present, we're six months out. jack vines
  8. Let me know whatcha got, condition and how much. jack vines
  9. My friend who's restoring a 1940 160 coupe NEEDS a tach. If anyone knows of one for sale, e-mail me PackardV8@comcast.net jack vines
  10. This one will be available in about six weeks. Nothing but the best professional work: Block main bores align honed, decked, cylinders bored .040", new Egge pistons, diamond honed for moly rings Crankshaft and camshaft reground, rods resized New rod, main, cam bearings New valves, hard exhaust seats, positive seals Late design cam retainer plate and spacer, Oldsmobile oil pump conversion or redesigned Packard oil pump with vacuum pump. Available for $3495 and your core 352". jack vines
  11. Studebaker did have trouble with the early 232" steel cams. By now, most have been replaced by and iron cam. What is the part number cast or stamped on your cam? Your 232" most likely has 1.00" diameter lifters, which are NLA. Yours might be salvaged by regrinding. I have reground camshafts and lifters available on an exchange basis. PM me if interested.
  12. The experts on another forum identified them as '54 359" intakes and exhausts. Now I have to go through the shelves and see if the eighth intake valve escaped to another box. jack vines
  13. In a pallet of Packard V8 parts were this NOS set of non-V8 valves: 5.89" long, .3395" stem diameter intakes (only 7) 1.800" head diameter exhausts (set of 8) 1.435" head diameter The exhausts have a p/n S1813 stenciled on the head. From the Egge catalog, this p/n would be for: PACKARD 6 / 245 CI, 1947-1948 PACKARD, 8 / 288 CI, 1951-1954 PACKARD 8 / 327 CI, 1951-1954 PACKARD, 8 / 359 CI, 1954 For whatever reason, Egge doesn't offer intake valves, so I can't get any info there and there's no identification mark whatever on the intakes. Does anyone know for sure what I've got here? jack vines
  14. I have a '52 327" 4-bbl which can be available as a core or completely rebuilt to your specifications. jack vines
  15. Yes, the horsepower gain is real, but few Caribbean owners then or now ever used the high-RPM horsepower. I don't recall this. Usually, whether Carter/Rochester or Autolite/Delco, like displacement and compression engines had the same horsepower ratings. Can you cite some source for the claim?jack vines
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