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  1. Anyone in the Harrisburg PA area know of anyone who uses their unique cars to give kids rides to their prom location? My grand nephew wants to impress and a regular limo just ain’t his style. My cars just don’t fit the bill because they are two seaters and they need dropped off. Just be a short ride from the house to the prom location. School is Central Dauphin East. Date is 26 April. Drop off at Best Western on East Park Drive. Thanks for for your consideration! Tony
  2. I found the following photo in a box that belonged to a Great Aunt who passed away some time ago. She was born in 1900. While I am not certain this is her in the passenger seat, there is a resemblence. Can anybody ID the car? It has a lot of Model T in it to me, but the radiator shell looks a bit different. Tony Gray York PA
  3. Pete, The National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) has a pretty good network to link owners with cars. You may want to try there. Guys are always trying to find original owners for vehicles they now own. Do you have any of the original paperwork for the car? That is a huge plus.
  4. One of these days I have to get one of those cars.
  5. I just used my Griots Rubber Prep for the first time. I am usually not one to offer massive platitudes but GOLLY this stuff works GREAT! It's a clear substance and I used them on some very old tires with that brown goo that you usually see on tires that have sat for a while. This stuff, applied with a small sponge, melted that away, and left a nice base that I followed up with a low gloss tire dressing. Surely a LOT easier than attacking them with a brush and comet! Here's the link if you are interested. And NO I don't have stock in Griot's Garage... http://www.griotsgarage.com/product/car+care/wheels+%26+tires/wheel+tire+cleaners/rubber+prep%2C+16+ounces.do
  6. I never had any issues with paint on my Chevy Orange blocks, but I tell ya, this 66 GTO just loves to burn off the paint on the center intake runners and the center exhaust port. I have to constantly touch them up, and even bring a rattle can with me to shows!
  7. In Johnstown PA we had quite an array of drive-in theaters. The Richland (the site of a shopping center since the early 70's), the Family (I think now closed) and the Silver (still operating!). For drive in restaurants, I remember Stuver's, a family owned place famous for its chicken sandwiches.
  8. Yeah, I try to reuse the factory stuff where I can, unless the results of my (usually pretty lame) efforts won't meet my showroom fresh standards, then I go for a replacement part, either nice used or repop. As most of the guys above have said, if you can fix the original stuff then you KNOW it fit..at least before you played with it! Some stuff (rubber, felts, wiring, etc) you are mostly better off not even wasting the time to fix if a factory correct replacement is available.
  9. A couple of '70s cars come to my mind. 76 Chrysler Cordoba. Because my first girlfriend owned one.... 77 Pontiac Can-Am. Limited production, 400 engine, shaker hood scoop. 77-79 Pontiac Trans-Am. Starting to perk up a bit now, after years in obscurity. Not only the "Bandit" SE versions, but the nice blue ones as well. WS6 equipped of course.
  10. Took the Vette out last night for the first time all winter. Started right up (well, not RIGHT up as those of you with carbs and mechanical fuel pumps know)! Drove the Mrs. down to local Ford dealer for a test drive in a new Fusion Hybrid. I turned down their offer of an even exchange.....
  11. 43 out of 48. Blew the one Dodge/DeSoto/Plymouth page. Like my friend above, not bad for a guy born in '60!
  12. Love: Aston Martin DB anything; Ferrari 308 GTSi QV, BMW 635CSi Hate: Datsun F10, Suzuki X90, First nose on Subaru Tribeca
  13. Kinda reminds me of the way the Soviets used to "detail" the tanks they would parade around East Berlin after they saw the American Berlin Brigade put shiny tire black on their jeep tires.... They'd paint the outer rims and center caps of each road wheel white and put bright colors on their vehicles identification numbers. Some were even painted with high gloss green paint. Ours were clean and well maintained, but after we discarded the bright white stars for subdued black ones we couldn't compete for pizzaz. Even the Russians quit after a while..but in the May Day parades in Red Square they still put on the Ritz sometimes!
  14. Well you have to hand it to Dennis. At least he takes responsibility for his show, can articulate his vision for it, and responded quickly. While I said earlier that I wish he'd dial back the restomods a bit, and I hope he does, I still enjoy those shows where he takes the rare classic out for a spin. And yeah, I usually zip through the commercials. As for Classic Car Restoration...I loved that show. If they had a telethon to raise money to bring it back I would contribute..as long as I got a CCR workshirt for my donation!
  15. Even Year One, a company that I respect and have done a lot of business with, has gone the restomod route with some of the things they promote. Recall the Burt Reynolds Edition Bandit Trans-Ams where instead of strict restorations they made significant upgrades all around. Were the upgrades improvements? Its in the eye of the beholder I suppose.
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