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  1. Anyone in the Harrisburg PA area know of anyone who uses their unique cars to give kids rides to their prom location? My grand nephew wants to impress and a regular limo just ain’t his style. My cars just don’t fit the bill because they are two seaters and they need dropped off. Just be a short ride from the house to the prom location. School is Central Dauphin East. Date is 26 April. Drop off at Best Western on East Park Drive. Thanks for for your consideration! Tony
  2. I purchased just the movement for my 66 Vette's clock from a guy in Tennessee. In case anybody needs their clock (or any instrument) reworked you can contact him at: Home. Phone is 731-571-0766 and his email is Redlinec@bellsouth.net. Saved my tail in getting my car ready for its successful Senior Award this past Hershey.
  3. Thanks guys. That is what is so cool about this forum. You have such a wide variety of folks and such a depth of knowledge that is just not available anywhere else.
  4. Sounds like a second option there. Roger, your post mentions a Star. Do you know, is this a completely different Star from what Billy Durant made or the same vehicle?
  5. Hello folks. I recall some years back, I think in Antique Automobile, reading about a Gray automobile. If I remember right it was built in Detroit in the early 20s and was a Model T, Star type low priced car. Since I recycle my old magazines by passing them onto my grand nephews, I don't have that issue to look at. Does anyone know of a person or a website where I could find more info. Just looking for a pre-war project, and with my surname, a Gray sounds like as good as any. Thanks, Tony Gray York PA
  6. Sir, The car is now at my home in Manchester Township. I'd like to get your opinion on some items as I prep the car for Binghamton at the end of June. Thanks for your time. Tony Gray 717-586-6335
  7. Update: The car is still currently in Johnstown, but should be back in York by the end of June.
  8. Thanks for all the replies gang. I never thought about the paint damage from the wind hitting the blankets. Man would I have been irked if I pulled that stunt. Steve: I'll give you a call at HQ when I find out the earliest date the car can be moved and Stan: I'd still appreciate that number in case Steve and I can't line up our times. To all of you, many thanks. You again prove why this is the best hobby in the world. Tony Gray York PA 66 Corvette
  9. Thanks for the tip. I gave them a call but no joy...they don't rent. I suppose I could still go with the U-Haul if I have to and just cover the car in heavy blankets that I strap down. I suppose the other option is to reassemble the car back in Johnstown and put her on the road earlier than I expect and hope for the best! Tony
  10. Does anyone know of a company or individual in the mid state of PA (Hershey, Harrisburg, York etc) who rents enclosed trailers? My 66 Vette is almost out of the paint shop in Johnstown and I'd like to bring her back home to reassemble her. I always drive the car, but this just isn't possible this time. I rented open trailers from U-Haul a number of times, but I don't want to use one on this trip (trying to keep her pristine until Hershey, then she is back on the highway!) Tony Gray York PA 717-586-6335
  11. Sir, I'm still interested in any hints you could give me in turning my First Junior Car into a Senior Winner. Right now she is in the shop for some paint touch ups, but I should have it back home in York before Thanksgiving. Hope to hear from you. Tony Gray, 1339 Sterling Drive York PA 717-586-6335
  12. No, I haven't had the car judged at an NCRS event...yet. In fact I have to get off my tail and join the NCRS. I am rather new to the Corvette crowd (having come over from the Chevelle folks). A guy at work had me join the Corvette Club of America, but I guess they are small compared to NCRS. I guess I was just a bit naive. The car is pretty nice (winning its First Junior in May) and I have some things to correct (rechrome vent wings, new carpet, some minor paint issues, get the clock running correctly) but the rest of her (I think) is in good shape. Where I need the assistance is in the s
  13. Sir, I'd love to hear from you. The car won its first Junior in Greensburg last month and I'd like some opinions on how to get her ready for Senior competition. Tony
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