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  1. In dire need of a driver's door latch for a 4 door 38 nash Lafayette. Call or text 716 930 0242. Please
  2. Yes the car does run. I really appreciate the hElp. I have a few other older cars but none with the levers. Wat is the advantage of moving the spark?
  3. I took the plunge and bought a 1924 dodge sedan. The question I have is what are the two levers on the top of the steering column for and how do you use them? I like the dodge because around where I live it is not popular like model a fords
  4. his doctor said he needed to have his rear lifted and tucked
  5. That's what happens when you only pay for 1/2 a car wash
  6. Maybe it is one of those hot wheels that you pull the zip cord and it goes like heck.
  7. I know I just posted something about storing my car for the winter. Then realized I never shared my toys I had picked up this past year. I had a 1936 Pontiac sedan. (cream/green car) I traded the pontiac for a 1949 Ford f1 pickup. Even up. I just had to put mine on a trailer. Take it from New york to Greenbay. (grey) I took my truck to a local Boces last year so they could work on paint and body work. I thought they couldn't mess it up any worse that I can. Plus it gives the younger generation to plan and get interested in the older cars. Went over very well except 1 hickup. The truck wasn't done for this summers cruisin. So I knew of a car sitting in a garage. Made him a cash offer and took it home. I am now also a proud owner of a 1938 Nash Ambassador 6 (blue and black) The car isn't perfect but was a blast to drive all summer long. Just thought I would share. Hope you all enjoy
  8. I wish this was my garage. It is 6 cars. The owner will be using the one side to put her car in and out during the winter. I found a place that I can rent for 40/month. My garage has a dirt floor, broken windows and a leaky roof. Would gasoline stabilizer work for the gas for the winter? Can you purchase those "Car bags" at an automotive store like autozone?
  9. Well I did it and purchased a 1938 Nash Ambassador 6 in May. Now it is time to put it away for a long winter nap. What do I need to put inside of it to keep the critters out? How about storing the gas system? Any other tips I am forgetting about. It is going into a garage with a concrete floor, not heated. Thanks
  10. My lights aren't in the trunk. They are mounted in the fenders. I went to a local shop that had an older gentleman working there. I asked him if he knew how to remove it. Come to find out there is a chrome piece around the glass that acts like a c-clip. I slowly removed it and the glass came out. Now I am on the hunt for the 6v bulbs...after a few calls I can pick them up tomorrow. Thanks for responding.
  11. I just picked up a 1938 Nash Ambassador 6. The rear brake light is out. How do I take it apart to replace the bulb.
  12. Honestly what do you think of the new paint scheme...
  13. Well at the end of the summer I ended up trading my 1936 Pontiac for a 1949 Ford f1. I dropped it off at a local boces for paint and body work. For those that don't know a boces is a program for highschool kids to learn a trade. I thought it would be nice for the kids to have first hands experience on an older vehicle. Maybe keep their interest in the old vehicles for the future classics. I am keeping the truck basically stock just updating the paint to reflect saying thanks to those who have served in any of the 5 branches of the service. I know some won't like it but a way for me to say thanks.
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