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  1. No one on the site has converted their brakes?
  2. Does anyone have a list of parts for the conversion of the brakes to the vacuum type?
  3. Read above. three suppliers listed.
  4. First, check to see you have spark and then Check your plug wires and plugs.
  5. Someone must really be mad at the forums because I keep getting a Norton warning about the site.
  6. I would check all the wires that go into the ICM that you had replaced. Sounds like some are not making contact correctly..
  7. Don't believe everything you see on video.
  8. There is a spring that keeps tension on the headlights. The hole you speak of could be the mounting for the spring.
  9. Kristopher, I would like to buy the fog lights. Please send me your mailing address An I will send you a check. Jon. 63viking.
  10. Do you have a hood and will it fit a 56? Jon..
  11. Hi, folks, I am looking to find and buy a 1956 ford hood in good shape. Does anyone have one for sale?
  12. I have a unit on my battery that keeps track of the voltage and when it reaches 11.7 volts, it shuts everything down. That way you always have enough to start the car. The only draw-back is you can't charge through it but you can shut it off to charge the battery.
  13. Is it possible that some of the schools still have the cars?
  14. Are any of these cars still accounted for?
  15. Remove the unit and clean it. there are instructions at http://www.reattaowner.com/roj/
  16. If you want a little more performance and less wear use Typ F transmission fluid.
  17. I guess that the rest of our replies were not useful.
  18. Aren't there three pieces to the tail light?
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