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  1. Ok heres a list that may help{ Champion Coolest H-8, H-10, H-11, Hotest H-12 Motorcraft,Coolist AL-5, Al-7C, Al-9, Hotest Al-11 Autolite coolist 215, 216,497. Hotest 218 I've been using AL9's which are getting hard to find. Zman
  2. Need to know what kind of press is required to remove the rear brake drums.so I can have them machined! It seems no one has the old fixtures to turn the drums. Any good advice will be appreciated Thanks zman
  3. The pressure plate I installed was a recondition LOng 1. I had purchased two new pressure plates with the plain fingers non adjustable fingers, I made sure the fly wheel was correct.and measured both inaccordance with the Motor's Manual, one was 3/16th's short and one was 1/8th inch short using my height gages. Bill
  4. It's called a "LONG[1]model CF",after trying to find the reason for requiring to extend the clutch turn buckle on my 1940 Lincon Zephyr, I found the reason in the 1936 to 1942 Motors Repair manual on Clutches page 171 that requires the use of the "Long [1] model CF pressue plate" and provides the specifications for the "LEVER SETTINGS" which is 2 inches for Lincoln Zephyr's 1936 t0 1940,by using an pressure plate that does not have adjustable levers the travel of the throw out bearing is reduced by 1/4 of an inch requiring extending the TURN BUCKLE.Even if one does that the clutch arm will bu
  5. Hi again Berger, the only info on Lincoln springs is in the SERVICE BULLETIN MANUAL and whats in the Illustration MANUAL FOR lINCOLN ZEPHYRS,thru 1948, All of the design Characteristic's is the same as Ford's on what I have researched on Ford front and rear springs. Of course the Lincoln springs are larger in most cases and some pickup springers are the same. Z man
  6. Hey Birger, How many leaf's in your front spring, I belive you should have 13.possibly if the front has 11 your hanging low and need to add 2. Maybe a few leaf's are broken Z man
  7. Hey Guy's thanks a bunch , i did buy a wiring harness from them, but didn't know about the seals Z mzn
  8. Need to replace my vent window seals, can't find out who makes them any info would be appreciated Z man
  9. Ok I'm sure some one has already tried the Ethenal grade fuel in thier lincoln's What I understand is that the fuel line hoses must be replaced, but wondered about the carb,since it's pot metal. I read where Henery Ford's model T's were designed to run on Ethenal and all his fuel components were steel Any Coments Please Zman
  10. I wondered about a restrictor in the Zephyr engine oil return line, the line is original from what I can tell, and the inlet line from the oil boss has a coil about 2/1/2 turns going to the filter, the 5/16 return line is reduced to 1/4 inch where it enters the block above the oil pan, it has no retricting orifice that I am aware of!. What has been the practice for restricting the oil flow from the filter? Zman
  11. Hey Mat I bought Firestones for my 40 Z , Had Cokers and the white walls were not perfect like the firestones,So I put the Cokers on my truck zman
  12. The flathead is a 50 8RT I got it hooked up to a 40 merc transmission so it will fit that Z transmission, The hood is off and is in good condition, but don't need to put it on until the rest of the body is welded back on. It was cut off just above the sill from the back of the front door posts,The floors are real good including the trunk floor. My body man is good and a good welder, but I'm sure that I'll be pestering him on every move to make sure it will be put back like it was. The 8RT has a center front mount so a cross member will be best, and can be easily removed. Thank for the input z
  13. Hey Connie nice car, i'm sure you will like the chrome bars inside, i have a 37 that some farm hand tried to make a pick out of it,less the engine, but the running gear is intack,surprising hardly any rust. I do have a question and would lke to know what year flat head V/8 is installed. I do have a good spare flathead ford engine and would like to install it so I can temporaely run the car for body restoration.Need to know what type motor mounts where used for that type installation? I do have a 40 Z also with only 18K on it. Zman
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