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  1. I think you've hit it Peecher. I felt and heard a slight "grinding" before the pedal hit the floor. I'm pretty sure that what you've described is what happened. My '56 Fairlane is just about done and will be out of the shop by end of this month. At that point, the Lincoln will go in. My guess is that she'll be there for the better part of a year, but when she comes back, she'll be amazing.
  2. I guess the good news is that this didn't happen on the highway or 100's of miles from my home. I had planned to take her in for some restoration activities including new brakes, upgraded electrical system, new interior and some body detailing this winter anyway so I guess she'll just get to the shop a little earlier than planned. In the meantime, I can begin hunting down the correct hub caps and exterior rear view mirrors. I'm also going to remove all the interior chrome and send that out for re-plating (the exterior chrome is still original and really in very good shape so I'm leaving that
  3. I tried to "pull" the pedal back into the "up" position with my hands and it is absolutely frozen in that position. I think she's mad at me for leaving her out in the sun all afternoon. Nope - I can't move the pedal and the brakes are definitely engaged and locked as tightly as possible.
  4. I drove my '47 LC to the LCOC Eastern Meet here in Columbus this morning and she performed beautifully. After sitting on the show field for about 6 hours, I went to drive her home. After driving about 100 yards, I went to hit the foot brake to slow as I approached the intersection. I felt a sort of "grinding", the foot pedal went all the way to the floor and did not return. The brakes are now completely engaged and the foot pedal is "stuck" to the floor. Master cylinder? Piston? Gremlins and Goblins? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Harley.
  5. Last weekend, she started and ran just fine and yesterday she wouldn't start; she'd crank and crank and crank but wouldn't turn over. I charged the battery overnight and tried again today and the same thing happened. I hit the starter button, pumped the gas peddle, but nothing. I know she's got gas in the tank and I know the battery was at full charge (when I started at least) and after about 2 minutes of cranking gave up. This is the second time she's started fine one weekend and refused to turn over the next. Last time, she finally got going. But this time she simply will not start. Any
  6. Thanks Bill. Any chance you might have a phone number or email address? Harley.
  7. It's going to be next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday West. I'll email you and let you know and i'll look forward to meeting you there. Thanks. Harley.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get this decal/sticker/plate (see pic) that goes on the front of my air cleaner? Thanks. Harley.
  9. Thanks Guys. I spoke with D&D today and they are doing two Lincolns right now and really seem to know the car very well. Plus I've seen their work go across the ramp at Pebble Beach and that speaks for itself. I'm going to Covington next week to check out the shop and it looks like they'll be doing all the engine, brake and transmission work on my '47. Thanks for the info.
  10. I think that you are right Bill - MIG welding it back into place is the way to go. My Elmer's glue idea didn't work out nearly as well as I had hoped! Thanks. Andy.
  11. The weather seal on my '47 appears to be in very good condition and was obviously recently replaced. However, there is a good 1/8 inch gap between the rear edge of the windows and the B-pillar making the wind noise a real headache when driving at speed. And if I got caught in the rain, my passenger and I would be soaked. Also, there does not appear to be any kind of seal on the bottom of the door where it would meet up with the sill plates when the doors were closed (please see pictures). Question #1 - do I adjust the doors to close up the gap (seems unlikely given the size of the gap) or is
  12. While closing the passenger side door on my Continental yesterday, the piece extending out from the catch plate on the B-pillar broke off (please see pictures). Does anybody have 1 or 2 of these pieces for sale. I need to replace the broken one and am thinking I might as well replace them both. Thanks. Harley.
  13. Perfect Ryan. Exactly what I needed. Thanks so much. Harley.
  14. Thanks Phil, Ryan and Peecher - I really appreciate the help. The line running from the air filter over to the valve chamber vent on the passenger side... that makes sense. One question on this topic; the tube on my air filter is not welded solid to the air filter. It just fits into the air filter and then pops right into the crankcase. Is that correct or is there some sort of clamp that I am missing that would be used to tighten the whole thing up? Also, how do I fill the oil bath in the air cleaner. I have other cars with oil bath air cleaners and it's pretty obvious. Not so on this o
  15. Good condition 1947 Lincoln Coupe with excellent engine but wrong air cleaner - $24,000. Finding and buying original over-the-top air cleaner - $650. Realizing you have absolutely no idea in hell how to install said air cleaner - Priceless! OK ladies and germs... I NEED HELP!!!!!!!! I've got the car and I've got the air cleaner. Unfortunately, I'm still learning about how to service and maintain the power plant in my Connie. The cleaner came with a single bracket (mounting bracket?), but I can't see any obvious place where that mounts. I'm also curious as to the function of the line that ru
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