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  1. OK thanks a lot for all the information. I'll have to receive the motor first though It's still in the USA now, hopefully get it late december. Depends on the shippingagent... I'd alos like to know what gearbox / bellhousing will fit? I'd like to put a 3spd toploard g/b on it. But unsure about the bellhousing... Thanks Martein
  2. Thank you for the fast reply! The engine is from 1947. it is seized, and there is little rust in the bores. I haven't take the engine apart just yet. So it might be not all that bad. But I want to take it apart for inspection. It has been stored for years. in a dry garage, but still. Are there any specific itmes to look for ? Apart from the obvious wear and tear ? Martein
  3. Hello, I've recently bought a V12 engine. That needs a rebuilt / rebore. Can anyone tell me what the maximum bore will be ? And what to buy the headgaskets from ? I'm fairly new into this scene, so don't know all adresses yet Are there popular modifications to this engine ? Or do most people keep it all standard (apart from different intake manifold etc ? Thanks a lot. Martein The Netherlands