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  1. I agree with Peecher except for one item which are the valves,The Flat head ford valves for some years are not rotaetable, meaning they are keyed in one position and do not rotate like the orginal Lincoln valve assmblies. If you could stay with the V 12 type E Brown has them.Possibly the valves in your engine maybe salvageable. Zman
  2. Ok how about a BENT WHEEL those will make it bounce. Jack it up and check run out. Z man
  3. Te New Speedway Motors Catalog is now selling the 38 and 39 Lincoln Zephyr tail lights the pair price is $139 bucks, They also provide flat head V/8 parts that interchange with the V-12. Zman
  4. Hey Guy's it sems that the old classic car neets this year are mixed up with later 60;s, 70's and later modified hunks of junk, most out of say 150 cars all types probably 5 to 10 are older then 1950. Of course my "Z" stands out and win's but the competion is lost ha! Z man
  5. Hey Schooppi; Sounds like you have a mixed up set of 10 inch bolt circle rims. probably the original rims at least 2 were put on a ford tractor, you probably should do some re-search on some Ford "N" tractors for years 39 to 1950. ford used the same wheel hub's on the tractors that he used on cars back then. The car years for those rims were 36 to 1939. What you could do if your not succesfull in locating Rims is to find a set of 5/1/2 inch bolt circle hubs and rims, but then your car won't be original. I do have a set of 10 inch bolt diameter rims but the cost of shipping wouldn't be worth it! Zman
  6. Gee it's got a flat tire, other wise seems all there ha! Zman
  7. Drove my Z to a show last weekend, engaged it on the way and it responded as it should, parked it inline with the rest of the older cars. It sat there for 6 hours, so after the show I cranked her up placed it in gear with no responce, after several tries to engage the rear axle, by engaging and disengaging the Columbia it finally egaged. I checked for vacum leaks and it was ok.I replaced the seal a few years ago It worked perfectly on the way home. Any comments please. Zman
  8. Ralph Changing out that oil pump will correct your oil pressure, Your mechanic probably only changed the gaskets, and there is more to rebuilding an oil pump then that! Make sure you get a new pump not re built On the later pumps you may require removing a Baffle in the Pan, depending on the location of your oil pump pick up. Since your pulling the pan make sure you check the cover plate that houses the cam and pump running gear located in back of the block for oil leaks. I would take out the pump before ordering the new one, remove the bottom plate and check for wear and sloppy gear mesh.If the plate shows wear go back to your mechanic and get a refund. Z man
  9. Funny thing about those oil sending unit's if you have one of the original oil senders there will be an arrow on side, which I understand should be facing down if I recall. Maybe some one lke Peecher would know. when I turned it facing up the pressure would take a little more time to show oil pressure on the gage. Still a mystery. Z man
  10. Hey try some starting fluid, but my expience was with the advance, which was finally traced to the vacum advance not re-seating on the distibutor when that happens it changes the the start timing and point settings. Zman
  11. Harell or Earl Brown, both in PA and listed in the on this web site,shouldn't cost much, Then put some "Lucas oil treatment to replace a quart of the oil you use. I put some in a Jubalee tractor that sat in a field for 30 years drained the oil and put 15 W 40 with the Lucas.After 100 hours of run time with an oil pressure of 40 psi at around 1200 RPM. and at idle 15 PSI. Zman
  12. Hey try Bi-passing the filter, and check the in line restricter to the filter, other wise it maybe the oil pressure relief valve that maybe restricting oil flow to the lifters. zman
  13. Graham Seems to me you got your wires mixed up being a 12 cylinder sometimes it's hard to notice try going thru your wiring to make sure your wires are on the right plug,One of my flat heads 7 and 8 were cross wired but seemed to run Ok and thought it was a vacum adjustment at first. It's those little things that gets ya! Z man
  14. Hey Boz, my expierence is alway's use the "Long" pressure plate, it's semi centrifical and reduces the chance of grinding gears, Ford used them on all tractors and car's. Those have critical measurement from the face of fly wheel to the adjustable fingers on the pressure plate,So if you use any other you will have trouble and may need to double clutch like a truck. Zman
  15. Hey I had a simular problem and found it to be the distributor advance vacum line pluged, in addition to the piston inside the vacum advance being stuck.Check it out. Zman
  16. zman


    Hi Guy's I haven't put Dual's on my 40 Z yet but did make some changes on the single pipes by adding a couple of those Flex joint's at the bends to reduce matching up miss fit's for easy installation. On some of the front wheel drive cars they used them to allow for flexing of the front wheel drives. they also move when the engine torques and keeps the pipes from being stressed A hole could be cut on the drivers side in the frame with a short piece of pipe inserted and welded to the cut out and by adding 2 of those stainless steel flex joints with one on each side. Zman
  17. Keith I think I hsve a set,will take a jpg if is the same you can have them for half price. ZMan
  18. Hey Norm Chuck the Deflectors, does no good, its a stupid item. Zman
  19. Ok where is Pawling New york. I'm west of Binghamton I might want to take a look, if you didn't sell it. Zman
  20. Hi Phil: The Politicians are doing this to us every day, but they go free, but they can't take our Lincolns yet! Zman
  21. Phil, That's correct a few trucking companies back n the forties replaced the V-8 flatheads with V-12's in their tractor trailer truck's heading to the west coast and back, as a matter of fact one of those company's was located in Maryland. Although I did see a 53 Snub Nose towing a Travel Trailer a year ago who was from NJ.The V-12 looked good in the truck with very little modifications, The big problem is fnding one of those trucks. Zman
  22. Wheel Hub Guide sales are going great, but have a problem with persons that call and want them and leave a message with phone numbers that are wrong in the LOZ book of LOZ owners, So for those that called, the prices are the same as listed in the way of the Zephyr of march april 2007 Packaging and shipping is $5.00. Also you can E mail me at juhasz@cableracer.com Zman
  23. Harry make the trade, I think the master cylinder is at fault with the brakes, if no leaks are noticed. If the emergency holds the car from moving,possibly bleeding the brakes and adjustment may do the trick. Zman
  24. My question is on the replacement of the usual studs on a V-12 and if any one has replaced the stud's with bolts. I have done it on V-8 flat heads using grade 8 bolts with washers and work just fine. Zman
  25. Hey Glenn not to worry,as long as the float arm is same length.and it's for a 6 volt system and is for a positive ground system.You can test it as was described in earlier replies, Having the windings open is not a problem just make sure your battery is disconnected and or just incase you forgot to turn the ignition switch off when installing the sender it will work fine. Zman
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