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  1. I've heard that the serial numbers should be on the left side of the frame, but havent located it .
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. This page from 1938 Dodge Dealer album says that with 136" wb, it could be RD-11, RD-16 or RD-21. But which one, since the data tag is missing as well as the serial number. In the old papers its said that max gross weight is 6000 pounds. is there away to identify the chassis wothout any tags?
  3. Hi, I have a problem with my crew cab. I think I know ,that it started it's life as a "flat-faced-cowl" type of chassis, was rebodied here in Finland. I know for sure that the Wheelbase is 136". How can I tell what's the "real" model type for it? In the Finnish registration papers was 'RD-136" ', but I believe that's not the real model type? Even though It may have been manufactured in Canada, how can I tell? Thanks!
  4. Oops, forgot to mention that the stuff is located in Finland
  5. Hi, I used to own a 1939 Dodge but sold it few years ago. I have quite a bunch of literature left that I would like to sell. - Brochures, Dodge News -magazines, ads, parts catalog, service bulletins, photos all together $250+postage. Mika
  6. I guess 1927-1929 Essex/Hudson will do? Here's a picture of the current one. Car is 1927 Essex Super Six. Thanks.
  7. In original condition , 85HP engine preferred.
  8. Looking for original one. contact: mika(dot)jaakkola(at)mac(dot)com Thanks!
  9. Hi Vic, I have a 1938 3/4 ton Crew Cab, what are you asking? Can you email me at: mika(dot)jaakkola(at)mac(dot)com I live in Finland though.. Thanks! Mika
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, TG, too bad we are on our way home when the meeting is held. It would have been a pleasure to meet you!! And see those Lincolns. My friend here in Turku area has those too. '37, '57, '64 conv and '64 sedan. I've rode in his '57 many times. We are arriving at Orlando airport on monday evening. (That's the airport we are going back too ) . Great to see there's activity in nearby counties.
  11. Hi, My and my "better half" are traveling to Zephyrhills, FL this month(12th april-20th april) and It would be nice to know if there's some sort of car events/activities or some other places that would be worth of visiting? Thanks from Finland! Mika
  12. '88-'91 Full size Mercury hub caps, got one set at my shop.
  13. That's a though one Juha, I think the letters on the grille are RA,PA,EA,LA or something like that. Any ideas can it be american made or something else? Here's a list of all manufacturers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_truck_manufacturers
  14. I just spotted this kind of thread in The Garage Journal Board
  15. Hi, I'm thinking of getting myself a tool chest. Craftsman is the #1 candidate of course, but has anyone have any experiences of these Torin tool chests? Amazon.com: Torin 42in. Top 8-Drawer Tool Chest - 41 3/8in.W x 17 1/2in.D x 21 3/4in.H, Model# TBT4408X: Home Improvement Thanks!
  16. Jeff, I'm not quite sure what model is it.. I haven't checked the serial tag yet... It's located in frame behind front wheel. I'm starting to be too old to bend myself that low (just turned 30years) ... 845 5 passenger it is, no jump seats. It's really cool vehicle!! You can really see the BEST engineering work of the era when you look at it. It even has "Free Wheeling" handle located under dash LOL
  17. Thanks guys. I guess it went like this: "The man who owns a Pierce-Arrow envies no one" So, that's the way I'm feeling now. Jeff, I didn't want to "shout it out loud" until I really had it. You know, anything could happen... It's a 1935 model 845 (with straight 8) . Orange engine? Sorry Roger, I will put a 440 under the hood - I was thinking Mopar Turqoise.
  18. Hello, Thanks for helping me choosing a classic car few months ago. Found this on AACA website and finally received it today. What do you guys think?
  19. Yes thanks, got this info too: "Yes, you should have it rebalanced because the new pistons are slightly larger thus slightly heavier, so it would put it out of balance. Those dealership setups all the parts are pre-balanced so that when they assemble the engine it will be somewhat close. That’s why they are taken out of the packages and assembled without a second thought. "
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