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  1. Carbking, I thought Model A carbs even replacements had a place for a choke rod and fuel mixture adjustment this carbs choke is set by a wire or cable. Marv.
  2. Thanks!!!! for the help but I am sure it not for a Model A Ford. Thanks again!!! Marv.
  3. The Wagner number is 59240 and it fits Ford and Mercury 1967 left rear, Check a Wagner book for all the models.
  4. Need help in IDing this Schebler carb TX-30 has a 1-1/4" venturi. Thanks!!!! Marv.
  5. Here is a carb I need help IDing, Maevel Schebler TSX 848 62E is on the tag. Thanks!!!! Marv.
  6. Here are some pictures of the headlight. Thanks for any help!!! Would buy another one if someone has one to sell. Marv.
  7. I need help IDing this wheel cylinder, casting number 29552-C Thanks!!!! or 1-262-392-2989 Marv.
  8. Here are some pictures of the wheel cylinder as suggested. Thanks!!! Marv.
  9. Still needing help IDing this wheel cylinder. Thanks!!! Marv.
  10. Thanks!!!!!!!!! again to all a GREAT!!! SITE. Marv.
  11. progoofoff, I have hundredths of NOS GM parts I need to ID so I can sell them is there a web site that would help me and Thank you for IDing the ones you did. Marv.
  12. I have some GM parts I need to ID, they are a Resistior, Group 9.798, number 1348013, Switch, Group 2.485, number 1995134, Switch, number 2364358. Is there a web site were you can enter the group and part number in and find out what make, model and year a part will fit. Thanks!!! for any help. 1-262-392-2989 Marv.
  13. The Rocker King he deals in all types of patch panels for cars. 1-262-549-9583
  14. Try the Rocker King he deals in all types of patch panels. 1-262-549-9583
  15. I have a large number of these GM bushings but do not know just what they fit. Group 5.381 part number 530017 Thanks for your help!!! Marv.
  16. The wide belt line and hinge placement they are Chrysler for sure as the 1927-28 Chrysler picture shows. Left rear and right front. Marv.
  17. The door in the back is a garage door most likely a 8 or 16 footer. Hope this helps. Marv.
  18. Here are the numbers stamped on the end caps of the Delco Knee Action Shocks #1723F,1723G,1723H,1723M,1723N,1723P,1723U,1402CA,1402DA,1404AA,1404BA,1438A. Does any one have a book or know the use of these numbers, or maybe you could check the numbers on the end caps of the shocks on your car. There was a Nash parts tag on one of the shocks. A shock rebuilder said they may have been used by Nash for exported models to Europe but he was not sure. Maybe this will help someone remember or lead them in the right direction.Thanks!!!! or 1-262-392-2989 Marv.
  19. Need help in IDing this fender. Thanks!!!!!!!! or 1-262-392-2989 Marv.
  20. I checked the Mallory website and with the help of the Tech Support came up with the answer. It fits Pontiac 1955-81 with a 301 or 455 engine. Thanks!!! to all for your help. Marv.
  21. Need to ID this car or truck heater it says on one of the doors Hot Wave Heater Thanks!!! for your time. or 1-262-392-2989 Marv.
  22. The pump fits 1956-59 Chevy truck with a Buick V-8 engine 322C.I.D.
  23. I have many Supco brand, brake cable conduits that I can not ID. I know they are for Bendix brake systems, each cable conduit has a number stamped on the end F20,F24,F27,F31,P21,P22,P25,P26,P29,P30,P34. Does anyone have a book that can I them? Thanks!!!! or 1-262-392-2989 Marv.
  24. What year and model Franklin hub caps could this be these caps have 4 places with two buttons each to hold them on????? Thanks!!!! Marv.
  25. What year and model Franklin hub cap could this be, it has three buttons around the edge to hold it on????? Thanks!!!! Marv.