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  1. Greatly appriciate the leads I have gotten so far. After sorting out the scammers from the legit people I only have the main bow supports at the top of the doors. Still looking for the other brackets and windows. Pics below of the brackets. Rod
  2. Still looking. Bringing the car home in June to begin restoration, so still plenty of time. Rod
  3. It was at Cutris Nebraska in a box of T parts in 2004. Also came with 6 rods and a starter. I tried for years to sell the other parts at swapmeets and had them on ebay a few times, and they never sold any. When we sold the farm 3 years ago and were cleaning things up they were scrapped. Rod
  4. 1920's Elgin Six Data Plate; $75 plus postage
  5. Not really. That is the correct size for a 29 Model A Business coupe. Greatly appticiate the message.
  6. Still looking. Thought I found them from a tip here. Contacted the owner and he has them for sale. No followup info on price, pictures or anything that makes me beleive a deal will be achieved. Distance is too far to justify a face to face sale, so basicly back at a deadend. They are in Bogalusca, La. and I am in Nebraska. Thanks Rod
  7. Would you be interested in this one? I have no clue what it was meant to fit. It was on a tractor radiator that was mounted to a AA Ford truck that had been turned into a Haysweep. Feel free to call me at 308-529-2467. Rod
  8. Looking for 1929 Model A oval window business coupe top parts. Need the belt rail moulding as well. Will buy single pieces or all of them as a package deal. Have Special Coupe top parts to trade also. Thanks Rod rodsantiquecars@gmail.com 308-529-2467
  9. Wanted 14" X 9" Oval Window Frames, with or without glass. Thanks Rod 308-529-2467
  10. Found this in some parts I was sorting through. Does anyone know what car this fits? Too bad someone cut the horn rod off. Thanks Rod
  11. I am pretty sure these are for 16" wheels. There is another set on e-bay identical to the three I have. One of his has been cut down alittle. Since I do not have any Mopar wheels of this vintage I could not see how well they fit. I did try them on a Ford wheel and they stuck out about 1/4". Maybe on a different style they would fit. I may try that tomorrow. Rod
  12. Thanks guys, I am guessing they came with the 46-48 Plymouth hub caps then. Now to figure out the SS beauty rings that were in the pile also. Likely they are for the 38 Plymouth hub caps. I think the Dodge hub caps are pickup, so likely did not have them. Rod
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