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  1. Splitdorf Model G Magneto and/or coil for 1909 two cylinder Maxwell LD. Msimonsma@frontiernet.net
  2. Splitdorf Model H magneto and correct Splitdorf coil for 2 cylinder '10AA, '11AB and '12AC Maxwells msimonsma@frontiernet.net. Merle
  3. Phil- It is the Wampler car in the Maxwell Registry. Tom and I studied it on one of our expeditions into IN years ago. It is setting on a 1909 A Junior frame. No Maxwell carb. Early round flange jugs. I have an extra frame but the springs are pretty hard to find. Merle
  4. Maxwell West


    Buyer Beware!!!
  5. Rick Brittan may have reproduction Maxwell script tail lamps for '05 thru '08 Maxwell cars for sale. Merle msimonsma@softcom.net
  6. No it is not a 2 cylinder Maxwell carb. Merle Simonsma
  7. Jay- How about a barn fresh 1909 A Maxwell in Sacramento, CA ? Merle msimonsma@softcom.net
  8. The buyer usually had the prefered Maxwell lamps written into the car order form at time of purchase. Otherwise noname lamps were bought at the hardware store. I'm using Maxwell no. 33 headlamps on my '09LD. Merle
  9. Engine Mount Bolts- Write to msimonsma@softcom.net
  10. The seat looks Maxwell. Any cushions? msimonsma@softcom.net
  11. Darin, Is the '05 Maxwell the small roadster two cylinder. In any case it does not take a magneto. Merle msimonsma@softcom.net
  12. Maxwell No. 10 square side lamp wanted. msimonsma@softcom.net
  13. 1909 Maxwell A straight side tool box wanted. msimonsma@softcom.net
  14. Maxwell West

    Hub Cap

    Need vertical script hub caps for '09 Maxwell Model A. msimonsma@softcom.net
  15. Maxwell West


    Maxwell Number 27 headlamp needed. msimonsma@softcom.net
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