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  1. Hey, you can get it rebuilt. Drop me note, I am in Northern VA and am in the Coast Guard Reserve. STeve
  2. Hey, A six pack set up looks good on the engine. My 55 Special is set up with it now. The manifolds show up on ebay from time to time. Steve
  3. Here is the place: Brandywine Auto Parts Inc - Van & Pick Up Trucks, Aaaaco Auto Parts, Brandywine Co's 10212 Richmond Highway Lorton, VA 22079 (703) 550-9440 It is on route one just outside of Woodbridge. The car is all the way at the end of their lot.
  4. Hey, there is a 55 Special sitting in a yard in Woodbridge, VA. Hood and truck lids are still there. Steve
  5. MrEarl, I would be interested in knowing more about the 55 versions. I have a 46R and 66R. Anything useful for these models. Steve
  6. Hey, check ebay as well as there is a grey 55 on their now that does not look to be in too bad a shape. Best guess is between $6500 and $10,000 depending on the condition. Assuming the 2DR Special or Century Riviera models (2DR no post). Steve
  7. Hey, If you don't find one running, let me know. I have a 56 322 I bought a year ago, but I don't know if it runs as the oil pan had a gash in it from a fork lift. I am in Woodbridge VA. I picked up a new oil pan, additional exhaust manifolds and other parts as I was planning to put it in my 55 Special. I have sense decided to drop the 55 body on a 71 frame. I could probably make the cost reasonable enough. I might be able to go ahead and put the oil pan on and see if I can get it to run. Steve in Woodbridge, VA
  8. Hey, Check e-bay, some nice ones show up there from time to time. Also, check www.buick-riviera.com - they are dedicated to 71, 72, and 73s. Also, mazmx301@aol.com has a 71 and 72 that need work he was willing to let go for $2500.00. The 71 has the bucket seats. Steve
  9. I have a 71 that I am parting out the body and interior on. Let me see if I have this item in usable condition. Email me at sfriend001@aol.com Steve
  10. John, Let me go check and see. Give me until this weekend so I can check during day light. I hate winter months! Steve
  11. All, I will be slowly stripping down a 71 Buick Riviera. So, I will have body and interior parts for sale if anyone is interested. The car condition is not great so don't be expecting show car parts. I am keeping most all chassis and drive chain parts. Let me know if you are looking for something. Steve in VA. sfriend001@aol.com
  12. Hey, that discussion was in the Performance section under my name: 56 engine in a 55. It was around 6-03 so seach on 55Steve back 3 years. Steve
  13. Ken, It might just be you and me in Northern VA. :-)
  14. Brad. The 54 and 55 models were basicly almost the same car so as long as you are looking at like models you should have no problems. The Special and Century models were basicly the same. I am not completely sure on the 56. Steve
  15. Hey, doesn't the trans fluid transfer work differently in the 56. I was going to put a 56 in my 55 and someone warned me about this. Steve
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