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  1. 12 minutes ago, seeholmes said:

    The front of my car is pretty bouncy. I replaced the front shocks with some cheap Pep Boys shocks and it road exactly the same. Im wondering if there are better shocks for this car or perhaps my springs could be bad? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks

    Shocks control the rebound, not springs.  Buy better shocks.

  2. 5 hours ago, mobileparts said:

    Ben P.,

       1918 is going to be rugged..... I basically do the 1930s - to - the 1970s.

    Certainly, Amazon is not the answer.... They are just a Chineseum linked reselling institution....

        And, it is not like they grew up in a family run shrine for old parts -- and have been doing this for 49 years, like I have !!!! 


         Take care of your wife, today.  I will research presently, and call you later this afternoon.

    Everyone else,

        Marty's order was so big and with instantaneous payment -- that I gave him Front Wheel Seals, that sell for $19.00 - $30.00 each for FREE, and that was for a pair of N.O.S. nice soft supple felt seals, no repro rubber lipped garbage !!!!!!! And I charged him $ 70.00 for shipping --- It wound up being

    $ 121.86 -- and I said, don't worry about it --- in this time of very few sales!!!!

               Yours, Craig ..... Stay safe, everyone, we are an older crowd....

    ^^^^^^ And THAT folks is how you treat a customer!!  Bravo!!!

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  3. I have already cancelled my hotel reservations as of about 2 weeks ago.  I could see this coming.  I am probably the typical "young" BCA member at the age of 62, read that as many are older than I am.  I have a co-morbidity (diabetes in my case) so I am at extra risk.  Would you attend if you were me?  I chose not to do so.  Also helps that my wife's birthday is that weekend too...


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  4. 1 hour ago, Smartin said:

    This thread is a prime example of why I will never (likely) get involved with running a club again.  My blood pressure and anxiety thanks me for stepping back.  To those who want to cut ties with the club after seeing posts like this - there will always be discontent.  You have to ask yourself - "Amy I enjoying my membership to this club?"  At the end of the day, the club is as fun or enjoyable as you MAKE it.  Get involved with a local chapter if you have one close by.  Go to the meetings.  Attend one of the events they host.  Forget the politics....that aspect will always be there.  Focus your attention to what gives you joy.

    AMEN!!  I agree with you Adam.  Have to drag me kicking and screaming!  And yes, like you, I've been asked to throw a hat into the ring.  No way.

  5. Grey plastic were also used on the G-Body (Regal/T-Type/Grand National).  Points have been known to be deducted if the caps were not grey while being judged, right Roberta?  ;-).  They are available from several G-Body parts suppliers.