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  1. That particular car is a pile of poo....even the former owner said so! Drives great but the rust issues are beyond belief.
  2. Rear bumper, without rubber around taillights, says 1971 to me.
  3. Shocks control the rebound, not springs. Buy better shocks.
  4. You are correct about the steering wheel...aftermarket to be sure.
  5. I took it upon myself to cancel your reservations at the same time I did mine.....🤥
  6. ^^^^^^ And THAT folks is how you treat a customer!! Bravo!!!
  7. Simple answer: Bob is wrong. He should, at his expense, send you the proper part and, if he wants his part back, pay for return shipping.
  8. I have already cancelled my hotel reservations as of about 2 weeks ago. I could see this coming. I am probably the typical "young" BCA member at the age of 62, read that as many are older than I am. I have a co-morbidity (diabetes in my case) so I am at extra risk. Would you attend if you were me? I chose not to do so. Also helps that my wife's birthday is that weekend too...
  9. Ahh, British cars using Lucas Electronics, aka the Prince of Darkness. They have, you know, a 3 position switch: Dim, flicker and off.
  10. Direct link:
  11. Just saw this in today's paper (we live nearby). John was an excellent person, one that can never be duplicated. RIP John.
  12. I think what Lamar is say'n is don't poke the sleeping bear...
  13. Question: Is Mack a member of the BCA?
  14. AMEN!! I agree with you Adam. Have to drag me kicking and screaming! And yes, like you, I've been asked to throw a hat into the ring. No way.
  15. Not a lot of phones out there at that number was "5"...
  17. There have been a few. I don’t have the links at my fingertips. Many more to come.
  18. That was a typo, Ed. I will correct. Thank you for bringing my mis-speak to my attention.
  19. We are very active on the Facebook page:
  20. Ed, I am NOT saying the models made in S Korea or China are junk, I'm sure they are not. I will say they are not built by US workers and thus are jobs lost for the US economy.
  21. Just like it never rains in Southern California...
  22. Grey plastic were also used on the G-Body (Regal/T-Type/Grand National). Points have been known to be deducted if the caps were not grey while being judged, right Roberta? ;-). They are available from several G-Body parts suppliers.