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  1. As the past Publicity director and Webmaster for the Dodge Brothers Club, I have had my share of people's likes and dislikes with the site. Lack of time did not allow me to bring the site to where I wanted it to be. Running a web site requires a lot of time to run and maintain. Rick is in a better position to take the site to the next step/level. I originally inherited the site from Jim Anselmo who started the web site, there is still some of the content from that site on the existing site now!!! Including the bouncing red car !! I would suggest we wait and see, and then either give praise or
  2. I have just made a code change on the Website, hopefully this will fix the problem with Paypal. It has been tough tracking down the exact cause, as every time I used it , it would work. Now tonight I'm at the cottage and I see this post, so I give it a try and Bang !!! It doesn't work. Made some changes as suggested by Paypal, retried it and now it works. I really hope this works for everyone, and all the different PC/Apple environments out there. Will keep I eye open on the forum for updates. Thanks Stephen
  3. The classified Ad page at www. dodgebrothersclub.org is back up and functional. Thanks Stephen
  4. Thanks guys for your input. For those of you that are comfortable with manually deleting cookies, you need to delete all cookies ending with "aaca.org"
  5. Some of you have experienced the problem where your username and password is not being remembered. Recently there was a security update applied, and this is causing the problem. To fix this you need to clear out the OLD cookies from your PC - browser. See this link on how to do this: http://forums.aaca.org/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_usage#faq_vb3_cookies After the cookies have been cleared you will need to login. do not forget to check the Remember me box just under the login username/password input boxes when you login in.
  6. There was a security fix applied to the forum, as some of you have written you need to clear the "cookies" from you browser. see this link AACA Forums - FAQ: General Forum Usage Also after this is done, do not forget to check the Remember me box just under the login username/password input boxes.
  7. I'm looking for some picture of the rear fenders for my '30 DD, I have picture of the fenders themselves, but need to see how it mated up to the rest of the car( back portion), The fenders I have now had been repaired/ basterdized so I do not know the true shape or how it fitted to the back section of the car. Any info would be great. Also if I look for replacement fenders, what is a "normal" price range to pay for them... Thanks Stephen
  8. You mentioned " I believe theirs is a wire wound resistor to limit the current through the gauge coils by shunting" How is this connected(wired) Are you able to draw the circuit for us. Take a picture of it and attach it here... Show how each coil is connected and where. I'm thinking you have something like this with the "shunt resistor between the two post( 1& 2 )
  9. Can you supply some pictures of the gauge and coils? Are you sure there is not another coil(3rd) under the needle bracket? Take a look at this site Fuel gauge function
  10. This guys make wire harneses also. And they sell wire by the foot. Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc.
  11. Thanks very much for the pictures, it is exactly want I was hoping for. Stephen
  12. Hi, trying to figure out if my 1930 DD Sedan would have had a footrest/footrail in the back seat? If so would anyone have a picture of what it looks like. Thanks Stephen
  13. Trying to find out what the paint color of the engine should be for a 1930 DD sedan. Thanks Stephen
  14. Some nice photos to be seen. Also take a look at the Photo Gallery on the Dodge Brothers Club web site to see over 1000 photos!!! http://www.dodgebrothersclub.org/gallery2
  15. Well said Doug(nearchoclatetown) This weekend I've been outside most of it, as last week was crazy at work. What people do here is mostly done with good intentions. None of us are paid to send info, or offer info to anyone. But everyone does appreciate it when someone does take some of their time to provide us with some usefull information. Patience is a virtue!! Oh by the way the Documents have been corrected and re-posted
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