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  1. I know it's in this Forum, BUT I can't find it ! I just can't seem to get the "Search" function to work, so my only option is to ask the same question again........What is the best Head lamp, for the money, to improve brightness without making any alterations or causing damage from over-heating ? I've alloted myself a maximum of $45.00 for a pair. Please give me your recommendations.
  2. My A/C Compressor has "given up the ghost" !!! Anyone have a good used one for sale ? If so, e-mail me at dercheffie@bellsouth.net.
  3. Nic, Greg, et al-----I had Auto Carpet Systems do the carpet for my '90 Reatta Convertible and it turned out beautiful ! They are only 30 miles from my home and they used my car to produce the molds for the Convertible Carpet. My car has Tan Interior and the color (and quality) is perfect. It looks exactly like the original carpet but it's a heavier grade. I'm very pleased with it ! Last I heard was that they were trying to locate a "near-by" Reatta Coupe to use as a "Model" to make the molds for Coupes----must have found one.
  4. Welcome aboard slimpikn ! You're now a part of the best and most helpful Forum on the Internet. If you need "Reatta Answers", you can get them here and they'll probably come with a smile. With regard to your need for Convertible Weatherstrips, I have been trying to find those items for months. I've had no luck. Needless to say, I wish you luck and I would ask you to let me know if, when and where you find them.
  5. Mike , Leakage is not my problem ! My weatherstrips are very worn with large pieces missing in the area where the two pieces meet . My top is only about 5 years old and the car is very seldom driven in the rain . While it has "shrunk" very little , it still covers the weatherstrip and the only time I have any leakage is when I spray water directly in that area when washing the car . Thanks for the reply and I'll keep you in mind when I need a top .
  6. Several months ago I posted a "NEED" for weatherstripping for the "Roof Rail" of my '90 Reatta Convertible but none was found ! I still need the two piece weatherstripping that goes above the left (Driver's Side) door glass . Can anyone give me ANY HELP in locating these two much needed items ?
  7. Jim , You take no credit for writing the wonderful "take-off" of "The Night Before Christmas" ! It says it all ! Christmas has gotten so commercial that hardly anyone takes time to honor "The Reason For The Season", Our Lord Jesus Christ . If you "penned" the "take-off" , my compliments to you and if you didn't , I thank you for posting it ! A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy & prosperous New Year to you and all the rest of this Great Forum's Members .
  8. F14CRAZY , This must be a fairly common problem with Reatta's . I have a '90 Convertible and have the same problem . I suspect my problem is in the Turn Signal Switch . I wish someone would provide a simple diagnosis that could be easily understood by those (including myself) who aren't too good at reading diagrams .
  9. No need for discussion ! The motion is adopted , with out a vote ! Barney , as well as a few more , has been a tremendous asset to this Forum and he deserves all the support and kindness we can bestow upon him ! My two cent's worth !
  10. belbl , What part of Tennessee are you in ? I'm a Tennessean , I live in East Ridge (Chattanooga) , Tennessee .
  11. Welcome aboard , jozthman !! You're now a part of the best Forum on the Internet . The friendliest , most helpful and best informed Reatta Owners are at your disposal . If you can't find the answer to your problem in your Service Manual , I'm sure someone on this Forum can and will answer it for you . If you don't have a Service Manual , there'son on-line at www.reatta.net . Again , Welcome aboard ! Danny Walker ( New e-mail : dercheffie@bellsouth.net ) 1990 Reatta Convertible Red / Tan / Tan 16-Way Seats & CD Player 110,000 Miles & Still Going Strong
  12. Padgett , I have a 16-Way Seat from a '90 Coupe in my '90 Convertible and it will fully recline with the seat 7/8 of the way back~~~~~plus , the backrest will recline a little more . I , like you , like to drive in an almost reclined position and with the seat fully back in the reclined position I find it a little difficult to properly reach the brake pedal & accelerator . I'm 6'1" tall and have plenty of headroom . Hope this answers your question .
  13. I have recently listed a set of Original Tan Floor Mats ('90-'91) on ebay . They are in very good condition with the exception of one small cigarette burn which is shown in one of the photos . Take a look !!
  14. BREH , I need your e-mail address .
  15. BREH , I've had mine out but it's been a while . I'll send you a private message . Danny Walker