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  1. I had a 66 Skylark one time that hinted at over heating, so I did the first thing everyone did back then, that is to remove the thermostat, causing the water to flow easier through the hoses. Well, that made it worse, and the symptoms were exactly as you described them. The car would run cooler in town than on the highway. The reason was that the coolant was flowing so well, not restricted by a thermostat anymore, it did not have time to cool off in the radiator. At slower speeds, it stayed in the radiator longer. Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. I have had several big Buicks with bias ply ties. And some with radials. I have had some that track all over the road, like Ice Man mentions. When I get one like that, the first thing I check is steering links and ball joints. If they are shot, the car is not going to steer right no matter what tires you have. My 61 Eletcra has 65,000 miles and the correct wide whitewall bias ply tires and it rides as smooth and straight as any car I've ever owned. By the way, I buy my tires at Wallace Wade's in Dallas. I've never had a problem with any of them.

  3. Right on, Vertigo! I plan on driving my 61 Electra with the correct bias ply tires from Texas. The way I look at it, what did they do in 1961 before radials? Would a family back then hesitate about driving cross country, worried about their tires? If the car has the correct suspension and steering gear, it was designed to handle with bias ply tires. There's no doubt in my mind that radial tires are safer at high speeds, braking, and cornering then bias ply tires. But, like Vertigo said, drive accordingly, and you'll be fine. I plan on staying off the major Interstates as much as possible, so I don't expect a lot of dangerous conditions. Radials were official optional equipment in 1967 so Ice Man's car should drive like new with them.

  4. I always have sellers regret after selling a Buick that I've had for a while. As you know, they all have different personalities that you get to know and love. I usually try to keep in touch with the buyers, but if they aren't interested then they drop out of site soon. All we can do is hope the new owners will carry the same passion that we have for Buicks. Take lots of pictures before you sell them because they will come up in conversations later on and it's nice to pull out the pictures.

  5. Wow, I didn't mean to get anyone's feathers ruffled. Perhaps I was misguided as to the effectiveness of the louvers. I just think they look great and appreciate them when I see them. I was also trying to point out to those less knowledgable forum readers that they were a one year option and not seen very often.

  6. It's cool to see the louvers on the trunk. This was a one year design, only in 1971, for Buick's new 'Flow Through Ventilation.' It lasted only one year because they leaked so bad. Now who would have thought cutting holes in the trunk lid would cause it to leak? A lot of people exchanged these trunk lids with ones from other years.

  7. I've never owned a mid-50's Buick, but that could change soon. I just love the two tone paint scheme on those cars, separated by the sweep spear. They are beautiful. I stared at the dash photo for ten minutes. Look at all that shiny chrome! Great car. Please keep us posted on the progress. Perhaps one of these days I'll be lucky enough to see it in person.

    PS: What model '63 Buick is that in the first picture?