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  1. I am selling my 64 Wildcat. I bought it 3 years ago and started a restoration but it has taken a back seat to my 61 Electra. It is an original car with 138,000 miles on the original 401 CU engine. I drove it for a few months before I parked it. It still runs and drives, however the carb may need a bit of tweaking. And, of course, the transmission leaks from sitting. It has A/C but needs to be recharged. This is a great start for a simple Wildcat project. Although the Texas heat has taken its toll on the paint, it has a very solid body with nothing more than a few spots of service rust. I have taken the interior out to start but have not replaced anything. I think the heads have been rebuilt because someone painted them Ford Blue (yuck). I have a set of authentic 1964 Wildcat wheels and center caps that I can sell with it as well. I am offering it to forum members first before I expand my audience. I will take a measley $2,800 plus an extra $400 if you want the wheels and center caps. Email me for more detailed pictures or send me an email and I'll give you my phone numnber. It is located in Denton, north of Dallas.






  2. My brother-in-law knows the guy and told me he is trust worthy. It is a salvage yard. There is no title. My impressions....with the abilities and facilities I have, it is too much for me. It appears the car has been sitting on the ground for many years, just eating away at anything it came in contact with. It does start and move when you put it in gear, but the brakes are not working and the gas tank is shot. They ran it with an external gas can. It will be a decent project car for anyone with the right ambition and a fist full of money.

  3. My sister lives just a few miles from the 1946 Buick. I asked my brother-in-law to go look at it and take pictures. It wasn't a hard sell because he's in the BCA, always willing to help other BCA members, and needed something to get him away from the farm. Here are a few pictures. It is a Super model 56-S.






  4. Some people have asked about nearby campgrounds. Here is a list provided by Frank Lyle, Meet Chairman. I do not personnaly know anything about them.

    KOA CAMPGROUND OF COLORADO SPRINGS SOUTH, I-25 at Exit #132, 719-382-7575

    CRYSTAL KANGAROO CAMPGROUND, 625 CRYSTAL PARK RD, MANITOU SPRINGS, 719-685-5010 (Spectacular view at night)


    FOUNTAIN CREEK RV PARK, 3023 1/2 W COLORADO AVE, 719-633-2192

    GOLDFIELD CAMPGROUND, W HWY 24 AND 26 ST., 719-471-0495.

    Roy Faries

  5. I work closely with two girls, one is 23 years old and the other is 30 years old. I mentioned to them that Paul Harvey had died. The 23 year old asked "Who's that?" and the 30 year old told her "He was on Saturday Night Live." Amazing, isn't it?

    I, too, will miss Paul Harvey. In high school I had to do a biography on someone. I forget who it was, but I remember I wrote it in the 'Now, the rest of the story' format and the teacher loved it.

    "Good Day."

  6. I believe Elvis Presley's parents were named Gladys and Vernon. Were they named after the 'King'?

    PS: My wife is a big Elvis fan and we have several Elvis books. Occasionally, I'll pick one up and start reading.......

  7. I was very fortunate to see Mike's 63 Wildcat convertible a few times each year. It is definately a car I could just sit and stare at for a long time. I am restoring one myself and can only hope it turns out as nice as his. I've seen first hand Mike's other restorations, too. I know the 55 Century will be just as nice and can't wait to see it.

  8. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I went back with the original style air shocks. I took it to a Buick dealership and asked them to determine the real cause of the problem. Basically, I asked them if the air compressor and lines were good. When they said that was all good, I then had them replace all 4 shocks and purchased new tires, too. The car drives like it did brand new and, so far, I'm happy with the decision to keep it original. My faith in the design has been restored.

  9. I have the complete 425 engine you seek, only mine is a single carb version from 1963. But I have all the brackets, etc. It is stuck with the Dynaflow attached. I don't know why it is stuck, it came that way in my parts car. I have tried a little to get it to move, but nothing yet. If you're interested, email me at the address below.

  10. My 8 year old son, Robert, is into Boy Scouts. As many of you know, they have a Pinewood Derby each year, where the kids build a wooden car and race it down a track. When my son bought the kit to make the car he told me he wanted to make a Buick. Well, the basic car was already cut, so we couldn't make the body look much like a Buick at that time, but we got the books out and decided to include as many Buick features as possible. We started out painting the entire car with Buick Green engine enamel. He wanted to add the famous sweep spear but the height of the car was too narrow. So we just included a two tone paint scheme. He choose the blue color for that. Next we added the grille from the 1950 Buick and, of course, portholes. He then asked me what the fastest Buick was. I showed him a picture of the 1970 Saturn Yellow GSX. He liked the yellow, so we added the yellow stripes. And, last, he wanted to paint the Buick logo on the back. That was too difficult so he just wrote Buick. Well, I'm happy to report that the Pinewood Derby Buick was a big hit amoung the other scouts and Robert loved to tell them the story about how it became a Buick. It won third place out of 20 cars. Needless to say, I am very proud of him.