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  1. Thank you for the post it looks as though a Napa 1006 canister filter will fit gonna give it a try. thanks matt
  2. Hello any recommendations on oil filter canisters for 96s country club coupe? I took a chance and picked one up at Napa to small. Wondering if anyone’s got a filter number? thanks Matt
  3. Hello all Well I got lucky the tank was in pretty good shape and the baking soda and white vinegar flush took a lot of the crap out, flushed out several times reintroduced gas she is holding. Left the dent but did paint black I’ll put in this weekend on to the next. Thank you for all the ideas I will have more questions I’m sure. Thanks Matt
  4. Thanks Ed, I will take every option into consideration, I like the idea of removing the bottom and redoing. I have a neighbor who welds and works on a lot of farm equipment fabrication, I am going to bring it down to him and see what he might do. As everyone has seen the posting of the heat riser you will get a sense of what the car is, and how far it would take with both time and especially money to fully restore. I am but a small town middle of the road auto collector, I feel I've been lucky to find some of the vehicles I have and to be able to drive. I will be keeping it pretty muc
  5. Hey thanks for the input I found a Re-new dealer about two hours from my house and will be calling for estimate. Thank you for the input I do appreciate it. Thanks Matthew Maya
  6. Hello all well I have decided to tackle the gas tank and looks like it's been a while since any care as there is obvious sludge and build up in the tank, I also noticed underneath it was hit at some point and appears a little soft in one area not to mention that it is pretty rusty. I am going to drop and inspect! if it is not worth the effort is there anyone out there with either a used or knows were to purchase a brand knew replacement tank? I plan on driving the car as much as possible and am leaning toward new tank. 20 bucks for Muriatic Acid or 300 for new tank? Just curious if
  7. Steve, Sure I am willing to be put on the list. Matthew Maya Home 802-457-2931 Cell 802-356-7925 and email grnmtbyz@hotmail.com Thanks
  8. Very Nice Cars you two have their. I hope that some day it will get there, but for the mean time I think I am going to drive and do slight mods to interior and other areas. Nothing to shake up anyone I am a firm believer in keeping a car true to its heritage, unfortunately when I bought the car I was not given to much information or pics of the car. So I am kind of figuring out what next and how to go about colors and the what not, been kind of given a blank canvas. I might keep the way it is as to were people can see the raw bones of the car it is kind of interesting we shall see. Good l
  9. Nice car mine is 2772689 haven’t got the engine number off hand. Is that original colors because on an old registration it says color was green. Wondering if I could get pics of the interior. Thanks for the pics Matt
  10. Yes I am looking to mainly drive the car for a few years and see where it goes from there. I will leave as you see the engine and drive train are in pretty good condition. Had it running driving last year have cleaned all parts rebuilt those needed and putting back together. Not looking to disturb to much. I always wanted a 30’s Coupe and I’m pretty happy it’s a big car. thanks for looking I am looking for another rim if you might know anyone and any parts supply know. I also have a 1916 Hudson Touring Sedan center door pretty much all original. I like to find preserve and dr
  11. So she’s a work in progress but does run just cleaning up and put back together c what happens. Thanks for looking Matt
  12. Here’s some pics when I found it near bath Maine enjoy I’ll try posting more. It is a 96S matt
  13. Hugh, Thank you for the detailed information on blocking the tube, I have not torn it apart yet but plan to too see what has been done it looks like it was done years ago. I thank you for the information and plan on asking a whole lot more. Thank you again Matthew Maya
  14. Bob, Thank you for the information on blocking off the heat riser tube, it looks as though they had the same idea in mind as the car had not been driven since 1982 and was owned at the time by a gentlemen in his 90's. As far as the tubes inside I do not see any signs of rot or rust as it is the possibility that this was done before they look pretty good. I am going to hook everything up as he had before and run just like it is as the car will remain pretty much the way I found it, the paint is pretty much gone except for a little bit here and there and the interior was pretty muc
  15. Hello I acquired a 32 Country Club Coupe we got running but had a question in regards to heat riser. Can you shut it off?, it looks as though the previous owner had welded the pin shut and was by passing. Will it take away from performance or any hang ups it might produce? Any info would be great. thank you Matt
  16. Actually was wondering if you know of a parts source I have a water jacket cover that’s rusted with holes. Wondering if you know of a good parts source thanks Matt
  17. Hello I am looking to c if anyone has a water jacket cover for Series 90 mine is rusted thru. Matt
  18. Was wondering if there is a difference is in high compression gasket and the low compression thickness on the two. They say they have was just wondering if there was a difference.
  19. Hello was wondering who to contact for head gasket for 32 series 90 high compression head gasket. thank you Matt
  20. Hello I am looking to find a more in depth Shop or garage Manual for a 1932 Series 90 Country Club Coupe. I have the specification and repair manual reproduction but does not give enough, I was wondering if anyone knows of a place to get a hold of one. I would appreciate it. I can be reached at grnmtbyz@hotmail.com thank you Matt
  21. Hello I am looking to find a source for a 1932 garage shop manual if one exists, I have the specification reproduction but does not give enough information. If anyone knows of such a manual please contact at grnmtbyz@hotmail.com I would appreciate it. Thank you Matt
  22. Hello Bernie Wow awesome car did you guys work on together? I have just recently after 30 yrs in storage got the car to run and am looking for a shop manual garage manual if possible with more specs than the ones they have on line. If you know of any I would love to get my hands on them as we are having a cooling problem and need more info to get to the bottom of problem. I noticed the color mine is the same color, now I now what it looks like. Thanks Matt
  23. Hello I just purchased a 1932 Buick Country Club Coupe and need to find part sources for distributer mainly the Lobe as well as rubber body and suspension as well as interior panels and material. If anyone knows of places to contact let me know I am a member of the Buick club just thought I would give a shout out. thank you Matt
  24. Hello, My name is Matt, I was wondering if you still had the Hudson Radiator and is it still for sale? I have a 1916 Hudson work in progress and am looking for a Radiator and shell to replace the existing. I can best be reached at the following grnmtbyz@Hotmail.com I look forward to talking with you. Thank you Matt
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