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  1. Actually was wondering if you know of a parts source I have a water jacket cover that’s rusted with holes. Wondering if you know of a good parts source thanks Matt
  2. Hello I am looking to c if anyone has a water jacket cover for Series 90 mine is rusted thru. Matt
  3. Was wondering if there is a difference is in high compression gasket and the low compression thickness on the two. They say they have was just wondering if there was a difference.
  4. Hello was wondering who to contact for head gasket for 32 series 90 high compression head gasket. thank you Matt
  5. Hello I am looking to find a more in depth Shop or garage Manual for a 1932 Series 90 Country Club Coupe. I have the specification and repair manual reproduction but does not give enough, I was wondering if anyone knows of a place to get a hold of one. I would appreciate it. I can be reached at grnmtbyz@hotmail.com thank you Matt
  6. Hello I am looking to find a source for a 1932 garage shop manual if one exists, I have the specification reproduction but does not give enough information. If anyone knows of such a manual please contact at grnmtbyz@hotmail.com I would appreciate it. Thank you Matt
  7. Hello Bernie Wow awesome car did you guys work on together? I have just recently after 30 yrs in storage got the car to run and am looking for a shop manual garage manual if possible with more specs than the ones they have on line. If you know of any I would love to get my hands on them as we are having a cooling problem and need more info to get to the bottom of problem. I noticed the color mine is the same color, now I now what it looks like. Thanks Matt
  8. Hello I just purchased a 1932 Buick Country Club Coupe and need to find part sources for distributer mainly the Lobe as well as rubber body and suspension as well as interior panels and material. If anyone knows of places to contact let me know I am a member of the Buick club just thought I would give a shout out. thank you Matt
  9. Hello, My name is Matt, I was wondering if you still had the Hudson Radiator and is it still for sale? I have a 1916 Hudson work in progress and am looking for a Radiator and shell to replace the existing. I can best be reached at the following grnmtbyz@Hotmail.com I look forward to talking with you. Thank you Matt
  10. Thank You Everyone for the advise and leads, I will look into them and hopefully have her running for spring. Thanks Matt
  11. Hi, Yes tried Egge they sent me what they thought was the correct spring for 16-22 Super six. The springs sent from Egge have a 13 winding to them about 5 inches long, mine are 10 winding at about 4.5 inches long conical they were to long. I sent Egge a sample spring and waited, I was later told they could not match it up. The spring was sent back to me. The car has been in winter storage and am getting ready to have it moved so that work can begin. I appreciate the comments and look forward to hearing more. Unfortunately I do not have a lathe to attempt the springs and was curious how the conical shape of the springs would be attempted? Thank you Matt
  12. Hello All. I am looking for leads on a place to ger some Valve springs made. I am the owner of a 1916 Touring Sedan in need of Valve springs, three of which are broken. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Thank you Matt
  13. I am sending a pic of the casting on the block, if you have any info inregards that would be great. Thanks Matt
  14. Thank you Dave, Found Lester Harris on youtube, and will give the gentlemen a call. thank you for the lead. Matt