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  1. UBB1-ML-360005-ML- Moving it up! Wayne
  2. I still do not have Jan-Feb issue. Other mags come on time. What is wrong with PO & AACA? Anyone else have this problem, or is it my local PO and my postman who likes to read the stuff?
  3. FS. 1909 Reo Model D, 2 cylinder roadster. AACA Senior 1975. Many Preservation awards since. Own this sturdy 1 & 2 cylinder event tourer. Pictures available. May deliver. $25,900 OBO. tel. 952-472-4435 MN.
  4. The syphoning problem makes a mess. It will drain a full dash can of oil into the crankcase and transmission overnight. The engine needs some oil, like maybe a pint, but this excess gets forced out all over, and it can foul the plugs. The plumbing for the turnoff is simple in that it just puts a line stop cock in the connection from the tank to the oiler. I run a shaft through the dash with a lever handle so that I can turn it on and off from the seat. Finding the fittings is the job. The threads seem to be all different on the various els and valves. Essex Brass can be of some help. Once you get the drips all working as they should, I wouldn't worry much about the oiling system. They seem to work just fine. I have driven my LC more than 2000 miles. You might want to take off the top of the transmission once a season to see if the level has kept up. Usually, this is not a problem. TGhe threse to tha
  5. Some more comments on 2 cyl oiling. Some cars like to syphon the oil from the dash tank when sitting idle. Some do not. Those that syphon deliver most of the oil from the tank to the crankcase where it is not wanted in such quantities. It will throw it out or drip it out in large quantities making even more mess than the usual Maxwell. I do not know why this is. I install a shutoff valve between the tank and the oiler to keep this from happening, which is a difficult plumbing task.
  6. Is this the scew, crank item that collapses the rim to a smaller diameter by pulling one ear of the rim into the middle? If so, I have one that I no longer use.
  7. twrcars

    Diamond T Info

    Is there a Diamond T truck expert out there? Our Fire Company has preserved their truck #1, which is a 1930 Diamond T. They are seeking more information about it. The AACA Library could not help me. Serial number is 52259, which I am told is 1930. I am seeking production location, numbers built, models, pictures, and any tech and delivery information. It has W.S. Nott equipage. I am working with them to see what they may have in their archives.
  8. FOR SALE. A pair of 4 1/2" bore 2 cylinder engine jugs. One is excellent, the other requires welding and some machine work. Useable pistons included. $450 the pair or $340 for better one, $150 the other one. Pistons only as a pair $75. FOB Mpls. tel. 952-472-4435.
  9. Hi Steve. My question is: Is a First Junior award a lifetime award, or does it get revoked after a period of years? The question of reverting seems to apply to one-time Senior cars. This is not the case here. I plan to enter this car in the Senior class in June. Will I have to have some kind of documentation of the earlier Junior award or will AACA records be sufficient?
  10. I have a car that won a first junior in 1961 or 1962. I would like to get it judged for a Senior this year. I have no records of its winning, just memory. It was not my car at the time. ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE, Dec 1960, p 467 lists all such winners to that date. Is there a later such list? Are there records that go back that far? May it now compete for a Senior?
  11. twrcars

    Judging Classes

    Where can I get an up-to-date list of AACA judging classes? I thought it would come with the registration, but it did not.
  12. Do you have pictures?
  13. twrcars

    1910 Maxwell

    The model/serial number plate should be on the heel board behind driver/passengers' feet. It should also have a Selden Number plate there.. What is the date on the sale bill? 1911's could have been offered as early as October 1910.
  14. Wouldn't it be a wonderful project to create a searchable index for ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE? The back issues contain hundreds of informative articles of great interest to our members. As an idea, perhaps we could interest a nearby university offering a Library Science curriculum to offer it as a thesis project(s) for a one or some Master's or Doctoral candidates. If this is not an attractive option, some portion could be grunt work for undergrads needing income. Some endowment from AACA would probably be necessary, but if we can fund a museum, we should be able to usefully preserve our voice of 70 years.
  15. For sale. 1972 Buick Centurian 2 dr HT. 455 ci engine. 43,000 miles. 2nd owner. Always stored inside. Needs nothing for driver class. Slick, pampered original car. Pictures available. $4300. OBO. 952-472-4435
  16. What are the miles? Is it reclaimable to condition 2 without new paint, interior, mechanicals? If not, almost nothing. If so, perhaps 2 to 4 K. My opinion.
  17. Are you talking about the 3 cylinder creations of Charles Duryea?
  18. For Sale. 1909 Maxwell Model A Jr. New restoration of a good original car. Never shown. Tour proven. This is an absolutely correct rebuild of this rare model. Pictures available. $22,500. Located in Minnesota.
  19. For Sale. 1972 Buick Centurian 2 dr HT. 43000 miles. 455ci engine. Excellent original car. Champagne gold, creme top. Perfect saddle interior. Pictures available. Located in storage in Minnesota.
  20. 1972 Buick Centurian 2 door hard top. 43000 miles. Excellent original condition. Champagne gold, creme top. Perfect saddle interior. 455 ci engine. Drives sweet. $4300. Located in Minnsota. Pictures available upon request.
  21. 1972 Buick Centurian 2 dr HT. 43,000 miles. Champagne gold w/creme vinyl top. Mint original inside and out. 455ci engine. $4700. Tom Reese. 952-472-4435.
  22. twrcars

    Ok, I give up!

    The original carbs can be made to run well. Check with Vern Campbell. I have two that were mantel items that are now running cars.
  23. twrcars

    ptototype found

    What date are you claiming? What is the nature of the paperwork?
  24. Anyone know who might be making tapered leaf spring parts? I need leaf or two, not the whole thing, which are hen's teeth.
  25. Hi. You don't need to hope to find an original car to copy, because you may never do that. I wrote a definitive article on how to fabricate top bows in the March-April 2002 Horseless Carriage Gazette, pp 26-27. If you do not have access to a copy, perhaps the HCCA head shed will send you one. If not, let me know and I'll copy mine. twrcars.