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  1. I am not new to the hobby but new to Hudson. I am authenticating a 1940 Hudson Business Coupe that I have interest in purchasing. The body number is 4059378. The engine number is 165610. Is it possible in the Hudson world to know if the car was born with this engine? Or can one only know that it falls within the range of engine numbers for that model and year? Either way can someone help me with this?
  2. I am looking for a 1936 Chrysler Salesman's Book which contains the 8 cylinder cars. You may respond privately to nmbecker@comcast.net
  3. There is a new listing on Ebay for a 1951 Kaiser Dealer Banner. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-Kaiser-Dealer-Banner/254618910052
  4. Do you have any of the brake adjustment tools left? If so, how do I obtain one?
  5. Body-off concours restoration. Mackinaw gray with red/white leather interior and black Haartz top. Rebuilt engine with correct aluminum round cornered head. 3 speed manual with overdrive. Power brakes, steering, top and antenna. Everything works but the clock. AACA Senior and National Award Winner (2017). Multiple Concours awards. $69,995. 904 635 3548
  6. I am looking for item # 6 on the image below from the Mopar parts book.
  7. I am looking for the pattern that would have come with the installation instructions for this heater that shows the proper placement for the holes that need to be drilled through the firewall for the three mounting studs and the two water pipes. The Model 37 heater is one of several models available for a '42 Chrysler. The part number for this heater was 951337.
  8. C49r, My hood and springs are installed. I need to get the springs off. Thank you.
  9. How do you remove the hood springs on a '42 Chrysler Royal Business Coupe? They are under much tension whether the hood is up or down. It appears they need to be unhooked from the bottom while underneath the car but are way too strong to grab with a normal tool to unhook. Thanks in advance.
  10. I am looking for the manufacturer (part number) of the correct color red for the engine block and head. Hirsch does not make this color.Thanks in advance.
  11. Did 1940 Dodge passenger cars come in metallic colors? I have found a Ditzler paint chart for 1940 Dodge colors but none of the colors are noted as "poly" which was a typical indication for metallic in the era. I am specifically trying to determine if a dark green with a very fine metallic was used.
  12. The lens pictured is the right hand lens. The word "right" is cast into the lens but is hard to see with the garnish molding in place. There are allegedly prismatic differences left for right but I will rarely, if ever, drive the car at night. I have found an NOS pair of lenses for.....................................$2500!
  13. The lens is for a 1934 Chrysler CY Airflow. The CY was produced in Canada and was actually A Desoto with Chrysler trim. Only 444 were produced. The headlight lens has an indentation running from top to bottom to accommodate a garnish molding. None of the headlight lens dealers have a lens for this car. Short of stumbling across this rare item, having one made using the one example I have as a mold may be the only option. I apologize that the image is upside down.
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