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  1. Art, fortunately the timing of the two meets works out perfectly with our annual March trip to Florida. I will be spectating both days. The Friday before we leave is opening night for the Detroit Autorama so its going to be a great 2 weeks for cars. Rod
  2. Bob, I didn't get around to looking at the cars until after lunch and didn't spot you when I got around to the 57 convertible ring. That is a great looking Buick by the way. If you are going to Hershey this year, maybe we can hook up there. Vernon is planning on bringing a couple of cars also. Rod
  3. 1971 Plymouths were somewhat ubiquitous even though Chrysler Corp was running 3rd in a 4 horse race at the time.
  4. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Bhigdog</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Way cool. Lets say hello.........Bob </div></div> Bob, see you Sunday. I'll stop by and say hi after we get all settled in. I know there will be another fellow AACA member from Newfoundland who is bringing his 59 Eldorado convertible. Rod
  5. I'll be there with the 71 belly button. Rod
  6. jojoma Didn't catch this post before responding to your earlier "what it's worth" post. I think my dad got his 1st Junior at Hershey in '76. Sure sounds like the same car. My contact info is in the other post. If its the same car, I know its history back to 1970 when it was restored. You guys would have been the third owner since the car was done. I'm not sure how many 33 Ford 5 W's with Vermillion wheels and no trim rings won 1st juniors in 76 so it sure sounds like its the same car. My dad got a 64 Corvette coupe from Tony Grimaldi and your dad ended up with the 33. Give me a call so
  7. jojoma Where is the car located? Looks like my dad's old one. Is it a rumble seat version? He sold it back in 1979 or so. At the time, it was an AACA junior car and was all prepped for its senior. He sold it a month or two before Hershey rolled around. Send me a pm, phone call or email if you get a chance. My dad is still very much into Early V8 Ford's and he would be interested, I'm sure. Rod willistead2000@hotmail.com (519) 250-3401
  8. I guess you can replace the body and fenders if necessary.
  9. Let's face it, 9 times out of 10 it boils down to an issue of cost rather than safety as a set of radials for later model cars is roughly half the price. I've had bias on several late 60's/early 70's muscle cars and don't really feel that my life is being placed in grave danger everytime I take the car out. I'll admit that radials do provide a more comfy ride as I have had radials on cars when my budget did not permit the purchase of the "correct" tire but for goodness sakes, running a set of Good Year Ployglas tires is not like bolting up a set of wooden donuts like they had on the Flinston
  10. I'll have my 71 GTX at Meadowbrook.
  11. Hi all. Just thought I would chime in in favor of the current system. No, I am not a mega-buck collector, just a competetive person by nature. If the AACA were to give everyone (or just about everyone) who showed up a 1st Junior, there probably wouldn't be much motivation for me to show up. In order to prevent any disappointment to myself at the hands of the 10 point rule, I go in assuming that I need between 390-400 to win and prepare the car accordingly. As it is, AACA judging is much less fussy than what I experience at the Mopar Nationals, so 390 really isn't such an unreasonable numb
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Did I see someones T'Bird in that slideshow? Congrats.... </div></div> <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  13. Contact info: (336)302-0125 Just happened to have a picture of it at the car corral and the phone number was on the windshield. Rod
  14. Switched from DOT 3 to DOT 5 on my 71 Cuda and then did it again on the 69 Road Runner. Nothing really fancy involved. Just a matter of keeping the master cylinder filled while bleeding each of the 4 corners. When nothing but DOT 5 was coming out of the bleeder, time to button it up and move to the next corner. No hardware replacement, flushing or anything like that. Both cars were quite capable of moving up to 100 mph in short order as they were 340 W2 and 440 6 BBL engines respectively and brakes always worked great. I made the switch for cosmetic purposes. Hate it when a leaky MC wre
  15. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If you ignore the illegitimate emails and only use the Ebay "my messages" system, you will not get scammed. I have received several of these fraudulent emails but found that they were not in the "My Messages" system. If you open the message and look carefully, you will be able to see that they are scams. They normally look close to legitimate ebay messages, but I have never seen one that looked 100% correct. Also, never click on a link in these emails. Go directly to Ebay.c
  16. More food for thought. I have seen Chrysler 300 letter cars with the engine compartment inner fenders painted glossy body color and wearing AGNM hardware. If these were like all other late 50's Mopars, this area was finished in grey prime. Still on the topic of Mopars, I have seen several Mopar muscle cars with full body color painted floor pans and wheel wells. Factory finish was grey prime with body color overspray on the fringes and a spray of undercoat under each of the wheel wells. I know for a fact that "over" restored Mopars have collected their Senior award at Hershey, including m
  17. Heading out early in the am tomorrow. See you at Red Field RCH 31-33. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Rod
  18. Does the dash happen to be present and accounted for? 33 had an engine turned gauge cluster while the one on the 34 was woodgrained, like the rest of the dash. Also, the door pulls on a 33 were small, chrome rings at the top center of the door panel while the 34 had a long, fabric band. Let me know if you need any detail shots and I can snap some quick digital pictures of my 34 5w coupe.
  19. Here's a question. On another Hershey thread, I read where Dennis Gage and his "My Classic Car" crew are rumored to be heading our way for the 2005 Fall National. As you are well aware, Dennis is constantly fawning over several custom/modified cars on just about every show. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that there is significant content devoted to modified vehicles. That being the case, do we dare ban this fellow from attending the event? Of course on the one hand, we will have the opportunity to showcase the AACA's take on the hobby, but I would say it is very safe to presume th
  20. Here is a link to some photos of our August 29th event, courtesy of the Historic Vehicle Society of Ontario (affiliated with the AACA Southwestern Ontario Heritage Village Region). They supplied a display of vintage Ford vehicles for our event. The weather didn't fully cooperate, but we still managed to have over 150 vehicles in attendance. You will recognize the AACA badge on many of the vehicles as we actively recruit at many of the National Meets, including Hershey. Enjoy! Rod http://www.swoheritagecouncil.com/WillisteadClassicCars2829Aug04.htm
  21. Mark me down for American Grafitti. I never get tired of that one.
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